How to Pick the Right Dental School for You

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If you’re preparing to become a dentist, picking the right school is a serious first step. Honing in on the best teaching environment for you can make all the difference. In fact, good dentists never stop learning, so once you’ve graduated subscribe to a reputable journal of clinical dentistry for further educational enrichment.

What are some important factors to consider when selecting a dental school?


Schools have unique types of training methodologies. If you learn best through lectures, find an institution with teachers known for their oratorical gifts. If you absorb information better through interactive, hand-on scenarios, seek an academy with first-rate labs instead.


Keep in mind that the classroom experience is only one dimension. Pay attention to a school’s student body (size, diversity, etc.), ethical reputation and how long ago it was established. If you’re going to live on campus, make certain it’s in a location you’ll be happy residing at for four years. Note whether or not the institution you may attend offers worthwhile extracurricular activities, if that’s important to you.


Examine each school’s statistics and record all data relevant to your concerns. Some institutions specialize in particular disciplines, so pick a school where its graduates have thrived within the specialty you would like to practice. For most, tuition remains a critical element, so examine what type of financial assistance you might need or expect before committing.


Lastly, scrutinize what sorts of opportunities the school you are entertaining attending offers beyond graduation. Will internships be made available? Once you’re practicing, might you want to mentor students? When hiring, would you want to use your alma mater as a source for staffing?

Before making a selection, take some time to consider what matters most to you in a dental school and then do your research. With a bit of preparation, you can be confident in your decision.

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