How to Start your Own In-House Garden


You need a new project, something that will keep you busy but not take up all your time. Something worth talking about but not in a boastful manner. Why not start with a small garden, a project that fulfills your need for something proactive and gives you a sense of responsibility. Starting a garden benefits you in many ways, in that it can provide you with fresh ingredients if you want, it’s great for the environment and it looks great in the house. Now you’re thinking that you don’t know where to start, what to plant, what brand of soil, do I need pest control, no worries friend here are a few tips you can follow.


Commit an Area for your Garden

Clear out an area in your house that can accommodate a garden based on size, light intake, and temperature. Find a space that is easily accessible for you, a room you always pass by so that you never forget to keep an eye on the plants. Make sure that this area has windows that will let the sunlight in, and that the space is big enough for a garden you have planned for. A warmer room is the better choice because more than lack of sun and water, cold temperature is the real killer of plants.


Choose your plants

There is a wide variety of plants that can flourish indoors, so before you go crazy on all the possibilities determine the use of this garden. Is it meant for vegetables, fruits, or mainly decorative plants? Once you narrow that down look to invest in seeds that are low maintenance and grow at a faster rate than most. Make sure the seeds are also pest resistant that saves you from a lot of work. Once you get a hang of it you can move on to more complex plants to grow.


Research for the right Soil Mix

This may be one of the most important because this will be where our seeds are getting their nutrients. Each type of plant requires a different soil mix because they all require different nutrients. Research for the plants you have and what soil mix is best suited for them. Always remember to have back up of the soil because you will need to replace the soil regularly.


Water Regularly and Correctly

Create a calendar or a regular schedule for when your plants need to be watered. Follow the schedule diligently but scheduling is not the most important thing about watering. The most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of water you’re using. It is best to use a spray bottle for the plant itself, and when you do water the soil do not drown the seeds or the plant, just enough to give it a spongey texture.



Since you are growing this garden indoors, you’re going to need the proper container for your plants. Consider the size of your plants once they are full-grown, you don’t want to end up suffocating the plant because you didn’t give it enough room to grow. Make sure the containers have holes to let the water pass through. Your local stores should have a plethora of choices for you but you can also find DIY containers to do online.

Get started on planning for your new project, because once you do have all these things in mind you can start noting down your shopping list. Take a look around the house as well and see whether there are materials that can be converted to be used for your garden. Remember be patient with this project because they will not grow overnight but that patience will pay-off. Especially when you know that the ingredients you’re using is fresh and grown by you.


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