How to Teach Your Kids to Ski – And Have a Great Time Doing It

Skiing is a lot of fun, and it is also a good form of exercise. Plus, it gives you an excuse to get outside and enjoy the natural world even when it is cold out and there is snow on the ground. But if you have children, you will need to teach them how to ski if you want to take a family vacation to a resort like, so follow the tips below to discover how you can teach them while having a good time.

Start by Teaching Them How to Skate

Whether you go for regular in-line skating or ice skating, teaching your kids how to skate before hitting the slopes is a great way to set a solid foundation. These are activities that can teach youngsters how to balance while on the move, which is also known as dynamic balance.

Choose the Right Mountain

Before booking your trip to a local ski mountain, make sure that the resort offers areas where kids can learn to ski. By ensuring there will be an area for the age groups that your children fall within, you can rest assured that they won’t become intimidated and that they can more easily socialize with other kids their own age while they learn. Plus, many resorts also offer both private and group lessons, so if your kids are not that social or would prefer learning in a quieter atmosphere with fewer distractions, you have the option of using a private session to teach them.

Keep Your Kids Comfortable

The last thing that you want to have to deal with is an uncomfortable kid while teaching them how to ski. So, make sure that you give them layers of comfortable clothes to wear on the slopes where it can get really chilly. Also be sure to pack snacks so your kids can eat if they get hungry. And get them the right equipment as well, such as a helmet that fits just right, glove liners, gloves, and goggles.

Start Slow and Close to Home

You can certainly hit the slopes and start training your children to ski at a resort, but that might be too intimidating for very young kids. A better alternative might be to start practicing at a location closer to home, such as a park that has some hilly areas, or perhaps even in your own backyard. Again, many kids prefer learning in a quiet environment when they are tackling a new challenge, so being on the slopes might be too overwhelming at the very beginning. If you can get your kids comfortable in their gear and with sliding down smaller hills first, they will be a lot more confident once they get to the ski resort.

Overall, teaching your kids to ski should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. But if you find that your kids are not having a good time, don’t force it. Skiing isn’t for everyone, and it’s totally fine if your kids prefer a different activity in the snow.

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