How to Teach Your Toddler to Talk

Nothing can be more satisfying to a mother’s ears than hearing her baby say his or her first words. Though oftentimes unintelligible at first, those few words mark a very important milestone in a kid’s life. They signify that transition from being a baby to toddlerhood.

In some cases where 2 or even 3-year olds can still barely say their first real word, all hope is not lost. You can do some speech therapy at home to help develop your little one’s talking skills. Here are some simple tips on how to do that:

As you bathe, dress and feed your baby, talk to him. Describe what you are doing. Use sentences such as, “I am now soaping your tummy.” “We are going to the zoo.”

Point out colors. “This ball is blue. That chair is red.”

Never underestimate the power of counting. You can sing to him as you count from one to ten. Don’t worry; your toddler won’t judge you for your singing prowess.

The key is to talk to your little one as frequently as you can. Always use speech that is clear and easy for your little one to model. He will then learn to associate words with meaning. Before you know it, he’ll be talking up a storm!

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