Keeping Up with the Times: What Are the Most Popular Jewelry Trends for 2019?

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Jewelry can be a spectacular accessory to spice up your outfit. It is wise to constantly read magazines or online articles to see what new trends are occurring in the fashion world. By doing so, you will be able to accumulate versatile pieces for many outfits. If you are looking for new ways to spice up your jewelry collection, consider these new hot trends for 2019:

Jewelry Trends You Must Include in Your Fashion Repertoire

· In-Messy Layered Necklaces:

One trend that has been appearing in several influencer’s Instagram accounts is necklaces that vary in style that are layered. The idea here is to combine gold with mixed colors. Layering necklaces can happen with smaller chain necklaces or even by combining small chain necklaces with larger accent pieces. The end result adds so much expression and dimension to your outfit.

· Accenting Fashion with Shells & Beads:

Beading that is interlaced with shells is a key fashion item this year. This is particularly true for bright colored beads with white shells. Consider this for your next dinner date look or resort wear while vacationing.

· Bold Gold Chains:

Bold Gold Chains are a key trend with bright colored patterns or even that little black dress. Finding a key gold necklace with a thick chain is a piece that is not only trendy in 2019, but that will be able to be used for many years.

· Modern Pearls:

Modern Pearls are quite popular this year. This is influenced by the many Spanish designers integrating them into more mainstream fashion collections. Pearls are classic. Having a collection of modern pearls are ideal for more elegant functions you have to attend or even an everyday simple, yet casual look.

· Crystal Drop Earrings:

Dramatic earrings are absolutely in style. One such example is crystal drop earnings that come in various, colors, shapes, and sizes. The key is to make these earrings more dramatic than ever before. Pairing earrings such as these with bold solid colors really makes a nice contrast for a nice dinner outfit.

·Mismatched Earrings:

Mismatched earrings are very trendy this year. Pairing a large white pearl earring with a flower earring adds a great deal of dimension to a solid color blouse or dress. Be sure to experiment with this trend as it is big in 2019 with stud earrings along with hoops and dangly earrings.

Final Remarks

Jewelry can add so much to your outfit. It is wise to invest in jewelry that is not only trendy, but also of good quality. Many jewelry trends that are popular in 2019 can be worn for many years, which is why it is best to research carefully and select which pieces you are going to invest in. In order to find new jewelry pieces that are trendy and in style, click this. Once you do so, you will be able to find the right trends from 2019 for your outfits this upcoming year.

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