Lamenting a Dying Planet

As an elementary school kid growing up in the synthesizer-riddled music era of the 80’s, I used to enjoy essay writing a lot.  Putting pen to paper was an activity I immensely loved.  One particular topic which I remember writing a lot about was the environment.

Whenever an essay question revolved around the issue of preserving our environment, I’d be so excited and write away about how each one of us can save the environment in our own little way.  I’d go on to enumerate the various ways we can save Mother Earth.  Simple things such as carpooling or writing on the back of used paper to conserve trees went a long way.

But if I had to write an essay like that now, I’m afraid it’ll take more than reusing scrap paper to save our dying Earth.  I might have to add that more factories should use a regenerative thermal oxidizer to help lessen the emission of harmful toxins in the air.   Industrial waste does greatly contribute to the increasing number of pollutants in the atmosphere.

It’s all about reeducation of the people, I guess.  People who don’t know any better just haphazardly burn their garbage, ignorant to the harm they cause.  If we take the extra effort to let people know that they’re unmindfully taking a hand in slaying the environment, they might change their ways and instead work towards the resuscitation of the only home we know- this third planet from the Sun called Earth.

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  1. I guess we should start giving back to the planet and go into resource conservation in order to make it better.

  2. Wanderer Juan says

    I agree that there should be reeducation or education plans that help protect and conserve our planet’s resources.

  3. I remember joining an essay-writing contest when I was in elementary and the topic was about saving Mother Earth. :)

  4. Kathy Ngo says

    People are also confused because of the conflicting information being given to them. It is sad.

  5. I am not much of an environmentalist but I do recognize the harmful effects we humans did and are still doing to our Earth. Sad.

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