Living Luxe: High End Home Upgrades

We might not all be able to live in luxury mansions, but we can all work with the home we have and make it as beautiful as possible. Whether your home is large or small, a few high-end features can really transform the space and give it a stunning luxe feel.

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Gorgeous Flooring

The floor might be under your feet, but it makes such a dramatic difference to the look of a room. It’s certainly not a design element to be overlooked. While carpets are luxurious in bedrooms, for downstairs spaces it’s always best to go with something that’s hard-wearing and easy to clean. Marble, granite, and limestone are stunning natural stone choices. Hardwood is another option, you could visit a DIY store for hardwood flooring supplies and fit this yourself if you’re handy around the home. One way to get a high-end finish but without spending quite as much.


Luxury Lighting

As well as what’s below your feet you should also pay attention to what’s above your head. Lighting is another way to bring a really high-end feel to your home. Choose a fitting that’s the right size for the room, you don’t want anything too big which will overpower the space or too small which can look a little lost and silly. Have a think about the kind of theme you’re going for in your room and pick a light fitting accordingly. Going for glamorous? You could choose a chandelier. Modern and edgy? Exposed bulb light fittings can work well. Super sleek? Opt for spotlights. To go a step further you could add kickboard and under cupboard lighting in your kitchen. And buy some stunning high-quality lamps to dot around elsewhere in the home.


Luxe Fixtures

Even if you don’t have the means or desire to install a brand new kitchen or bathroom, the fixtures and fittings can make all the difference. Replace standard taps with beautiful ones, replace drawer handles, add a heated towel rail in place of a simple wooden one. All of these things add up and can transform the look of a room.


Smart Home

The idea of ‘smart homes’ are really catching on fast. And it’s definitely a way to give your home a super luxe feel. It gives you the ability to control lights (individually or in groups), the temperature, your plug sockets and CCTV right from your smartphone. If you’re using a device like the Amazon Echo, you can do all of this through voice commands which right now feels super futuristic! It means that you can keep tabs on your home when you’re not even there. You could check CCTV cameras from your phone, or if you’re home late switch the lights on from the app, so it looks like your home is occupied. No more worries if you’ve left the iron or your curling iron plugged in when you’ve left the house, simply switch off the plug socket remotely. It’s convenient and gives your home a really techy high end feel.


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