Media and Your Kid’s Loneliness

It’s always tempting to leave our kids to spend hours playing Plants vs. Zombies in front of the computer, or to just leave them on the living room couch with eyes glued to episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.  All along, we are mindlessly under the impression that our kids are fine, as they uncontrollably chuckle over Patrick Starfish’s usual stupidity.  Little do we know that struggling from within them is a cry for help masked as seemingly innocent laughter.

Various forms of media are undeniably entertaining, especially for kids with short attention spans.  TV shows and eye-straining computer games manage to enthrall them for hours on end.  They save us parents the trouble of having to come up with ways to keep them preoccupied.

The danger emerges when our kids become too dependent on media for their happiness that they subconsciously crave for good old warm parental love.  On the surface, we think they are basking in enjoyment, but underneath they are so hungry for precious mommy-time.  Kids are notorious attention-whores, so depriving them of that poses harmful benefits in the long run.

What can we do then?  Play with our kids, that’s what!  Nobody else in the world takes play as seriously as kids do, so let’s indulge them.  Whatever form of play they want, be it tapping away on a computer game or aimlessly shooting hoops in your garage basketball ring, do it with your kids.  It would mean the world to them to have mom or dad play their favorite game with them.  Playing with them screams LOVE as if you had a megaphone right in their face.  And when our kids feel loved, they feel nothing but sheer happiness


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  1. rj's mama says

    i let my son draw, paint or do something else, instead of watching tv or playing his handheld games, whenever I’m busy with something and can’t talk and play with him.

    Mom-ME time linky is up, would love to know how you spend your ME time the past week :)

  2. I hear ya! We’re only 2 in the house so I know how irritating it can be sometimes that babies/toddlers constantly want attention. There were times that i can’t do anything else because she’d want me with her all the time.

    But at the back of my head, I know I should feed into it but make it a little bit more interesting for her. Now we have our TV time, computer time, playing on my phone time, crafts/drawing/puzzle time and then for about an hour, she completely leaves me alone and will be the one to tell me that I have work to do… and she’s only 2.

    The thing is, I know it’s working out well because I understand her well. I’ve never felt her frustrated at me and I understand everything that she says because we do everything together.

    Sometimes this fast-paced life can really make us sacrifice our time with our children but as long as we know what our priorities are, things will work out well :D

    Have a great Tuesday and thank you for leaving a comment on my post.

    • Hehe, your daughter is so smart and amusing. It’s good you have somehow managed to carve out some time to be with her.

  3. I can relate sis..why do my kids love spongebob and Mr.bean on that time I urge my kids to play or watch dvd na educational movies from Christian bookstores..

    morning sis :)

    • hi Sie. oo, Mr. Bean fan anak ko. I try to keep her TV viewing time limited. The TV isn’t called the idiot box for nothing, right? hehe

  4. Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids says

    I really love and agree with this post. I feel the one main way to create and keep a connection with your children is to simply play with them. When I play with my kids they end up talking to me, especially my teenager. I just love.
    Crystal Lynn

  5. Good post!! I took TV out before giving birth so as not to use it as a babysitter (that and I don’t think TV is a good thing in those early years)

  6. My elder son started playing at the computer in 1.5 years, no one taught him, we liked it at first time …. But when he began hysteria, we decided to restrict the game at computer and it helped ….

  7. This is nice and a useful blog because now a days media is most common thing in the world and normally everybody knows to operate at least now the parents should keep an eye.

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