Money: The Root of Divorce

Have you ever hidden a purchase from your spouse in order to avoid problems at home? Well, research now indicates that these tendencies can provide important insight as to how well your marriage is doing. Turns out financial disagreements can be directly correlated with divorce rates. This infographic explains how financial woes can actually predict divorce.

Anyone who’s ever tied the knot with somebody does hope for a lasting marriage- and a fat bank account. But if things don’t go smooth sailing in the finance department, it pays to be honest with your spouse about it. Lying never did anybody any good. If you want to save your marriage, be willing to openly discuss money matters with the one you love. After all, you vowed to be together for richer or for poorer, right?

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  1. Leah E. Atkinson says

    You’re not neglecting your kids if you put your marriage first. “It’s a myth that the more attention we give our kids, the better they’ll turn out,” says David Code, family coach and author of To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First. “We seem to be marrying our kids instead of our spouses because we find it easier to be with our kids than our partners,” Code says. But putting your spouse first will create a trio of positive outcomes – your marriage will improve, your children won’t suffer from over-parenting and your kids will learn positive relationship skills.

  2. You are right about “for richer and for poorer” relationships. But I guess some people are only there during the good time and if problems arise, they would head to the nearest exit… pronto!


  3. This is a great insight to any couple planning to tie a knot. But whatever happens, a woman should always have something to fall back on. She must always have a money she earns on her own and can spend on her own. But that’s just me I think. For as long as the we are well provided and nobody is chasing on us about unpaid bills, I then I don’t care how much my husband earns or where he stashes his money or how he spends it. And I expect the same from him.

  4. Before the husband and I got married, we made a promise to each other to never ever argue about money. Good thing that promise is still very much intact.

    I learned a lot from these demographics. And I can’t help but laugh at how 43% of women hid their spending on clothes. It’s like, what do you expect for us women to splurge on? :)

  5. Money should never be an issue in a marriage unless it’s for the better of the family and the future. Communication and discipline is key, I guess. I hope when I get married (anytime soon, I wish), this will never be an issue for us.

  6. I want to say thanks for the author who try to describe the awesome post here… Actually it is true that money doesn’t matter in marriage if couple have the good understanding power to live the in best relation…

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