My Bunk Bed Memories, and Why I Need One Now

Back in the day, when my sister’s and my combined ages would add up to only half of my present age (yes, there’s math involved in this post), we used to have regular debates on certain topics.  If we weren’t arguing as to who between Cyndi Lauper and Madonna was the better singer, we were having heated debates on who got to sleep on the top part of our twin over full bunk bed.
For the most part, I got the privilege of sleeping on top, and I must say that was sheer bliss for me.  Literally being on top gave me the peace and freedom of creating my own world.  Since my sister and I shared a room, that top part of the bunk bed was the only private space I knew.   I remember enjoying the view from the top.
Now that I have a kid of my own, I’d want her to experience that same unspeakable joy.  My nephew will spend most of his summer vacation at our place, so I’m starting to prep things up around the house.  The additional warm body in our humble abode will be a welcome respite for my daughter, as she always craves for a playmate.
With the limited space available, I’ve been looking into getting one of those full over full bunk beds.  They’re a huge space saver.   I’m sure my daughter and her cousin will like the feeling of sleeping in the same room while still keeping a degree of privacy.
I’m also eyeing one of those bunk beds with stairs.  More than the assurance of a safer climb to the top part of the bunk bed, I like how those steps have storage drawers built into them.   I hate clutter so, there you go!
I have to admit that I’m just as excited as my daughter is about her cousin staying with us for the summer.  While they’re busy playing, I can always creep up to the top of the bunk bed and relive my own childhood.

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  1. I love this post Peps..your so right reliving those childhood memories makes us smile even just for a was just that simple before isn’t it?..passing by Peps ;)

    • How are you, Sie! Last time I visited your blog, you didn’t seem to be in high spirits. I hope all’s well with you and the kids. mwah!

  2. Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms says

    This is my 3rd attempt at commenting, I hope it works!

    I used to be on the top bunk too :) My brother and I shared a room when we were younger. I loved staying on the “second floor” but hated having to go down the ladder for bathroom visits.

  3. I was a “top bunker” too! :-)

    These bunk beds are sleek! Specially the ones with drawers built into them.

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Kristy @PampersandPinot says

    Sounds like fun! I always like having someone over to play with my boy. I feel bad I haven’t given him a sibling!

  5. Cyndi Lauper hands down is the better singer. Madonna can barely carry a tune. lol

    I have never slept in a bunk bed, now I wish I could try. Did you every fall out?


  6. Sometimes I think the best part of being a parent is getting to enjoy the simplicities of life through our kids as we experience old pastimes with them. I took my kids ice skating for the first time the other day and loved watching them try to get it as I pretended to have my own worn out skill. Trying new things with them is like experiencing it for the first time in a way I can actually appreciate as an adult. And for you to soon appreciate new experiences with your daughter and your nephew…lifelong memories…how cool is that? By the way, I have the utmost respect for you being a single parent. Ain’t no easy gig, and the fact that you share your experiences with others, who can in turn learn from you, says so much about you and the strength you possess. Cheers to you!!

    • Oh, thanks very much for the kind and encouraging words, Lynn! Yes, trying new things with the kids is like experiencing it for the first time. Never a dull moment…

  7. A playmate for the summer is fantastic! I’m sure you’ll be able to have lots of special moments all to yourself, there is no better way to occupy a child than let them play with another child.

  8. We’re eyeing the bunk beds with stairs for when my twins turn 3 in August. They have a really small room, so it’ll be the best option. Not looking forward to fights over who gets the top though!!

  9. Haha Madonna all the way! Did you see Cyndi Lauper on the Celebrity Apprentice? She was a total weirdo!! :-) I didn’t have a sister, but always wanted one. It would have been fun to have those debates…my brothers never cared!!

  10. Oh I was on the lower bunk, my older sister was on top. Yes it’s our only solitude…

  11. I’m an only child. I had bunk beds and I LOVED them!!!

  12. I would have loved a bunk bed, they always look like a lot of fun unfortunate I never had the pleasure of owning one, My son how ever he doesn’t look like he wants one.

  13. Bunk beds were the best! My sister and I would play for hours…we were also on strict rotation for top bunk. Actually before I was divorced my daughter had the full over full bunk beds. I scoured the Earth for them, only to sell them when we moved. I still love bunk beds, but I would do the twin over full option if I had it to do again. Too big, it really wasn’t as necessary as I thought it might be. Besides, the kids don’t care anyway, unless they are 15, then they care a little. Oh, I didn’t do the math, can I still comment;)

  14. My girls share a bunk bed but it is just twin over twin. It saves a ton of space but I worry every time the little ones get up there even though it has a rail.

  15. Aww, I remember sharing a bunk bed with my brother when we were little. I got the top bunk all the time because he was afraid to sleep there. *evil smile*

  16. When I slept on the bottom bunk, I was afraid the top bunk would fall down and smash me…when I slept on the top bunk I just knew the boogyman would reach through the ceiling and grab me! I was so glad when I got a regular bed…lol

    You are so much braver then me!

  17. at one time we had 3 sets of bunks!!! kids literally were sleeping on top of each other!! we moved into a bigger house and now everyone has their own bedroom..but sometimes they have sleepovers in their brothers top bunk!

  18. I never had a bunk bed as a kid, but I did have a canopy bed, which I made into my very own private domain. I loved it and wish I still had one.

    My kids have bunk beds since I have so many of them lol. There’s always disagreement on who sleeps where, too. Love the bunk bed with the stairs, totally awesome.

  19. Man I love bunk beds. miss them so much.

  20. I think having a bunk bed is fun. Too bad I never slept in one when I was a kid. I’d also prefer on top as it gives you more privacy. :)

  21. I still remember just how fun bunk beds were when I was a child. It was always a race among my brothers and sisters to see who could call the top bunk bed first. We would race up the bunk bed’s ladder and sit, lie or even bounce around on that top bunk. The truth is, sleeping in a bunk bed was probably the only time as a child I actually looked forward to going to bed.

    • Bunk beds are really fun, aren’t they? They’re almost a childhood staple :) Thanks for the visit.

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