My Top 5 Dreams for My Daughter

Wish I may, wish I might… have these wishes I wish tonight:

That she’ll be Botox-free.  Ok, maybe a nose job is acceptable in my book, but nothing over-the-top.  Going under the knife to enhance her physical features is ok with me, if done for the right reasons.  The last thing I want is for her to have a plastic surgeon for a BFF.    I hope against all hope that my daughter doesn’t turn into another Heidi Montag.  There has to be an underlying psychological problem which prompts her to keep “plasticizing” herself, so to speak.  I’d like to think that I’m raising my daughter well, that she’ll grow up confident and foxy in her own way.

That she’ll be a champion ice-skater or a prima ballerina.  If skin-tight leggings just aren’t her thing, maybe she can star in her own MTV or play lead guitar in an all-female band which plays 80’s songs.  Whichever field she shows a keen interest in- as long as it doesn’t involve being a groupie for a rock band- I’m going to all out support her, she can bet her bottom dollar on that.

That Vera Wang designs her wedding dress.  Am I living out my frustrations through her? Maybe.  You’ll never know, my daughter just might marry a man who’s only too willing to indulge her- and her mom!

That I don’t see her on a single episode of The Biggest Loser.  I don’t want her to be a pathetic anorexic either.  All I want is to see her healthy, happy and cholesterol-free.

That she grows up to be brave.  At the age of 5, she has already proven to be one spunky girl.  

The crocs she had on that day were not the only ones on her feet.  This is a pic of her on her recent field trip, carrying a crocodile- or was it an alligator?  I can never really tell…

Any loving mom, whether single or otherwise, dreams of only good things for her kids.  She would give her kids the world and fight tooth and nail just to do that.  She would spare her kids every imaginable pain.  But we moms know that we can only do so much, and for the most part, we have to let go.  This means letting go of our expectations of our kids, letting go of our obsession to control them and to keep them bruise-free.  After all, kids will be kids.  What’s important is they grow up to be well-adjusted adults.

So, what special dreams do you have for your kids?


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I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. This is just about the cutest list of wishes for a daughter that I have seen as of late! :-) I hope they all come true Miss Pepper! :-D

  2. hahaha..I was shocked on your first statement Peps..this post is so daughter is 6 yrs.old and my wishes for her? be a strong person..a woman who has the courage to face every challenges that comes in her daughter is so intelligent and responsible at her young age..but sometimes she has a low self-esteem because of the physical abuse she had gone a single is my responsibility to give her a right push to pursue and give out the best in her because she can :)

    I wish she will find a kind and loving partner when the right time comes..and because of the pain that my kids and I have been through..I have ONE WISH- that she may not experience the pains that I had..and I’ll always be here to guide her :)

    • Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom, because they have a strong person to look up to and emulate. I’m sure they’ll turn out ok, despite the harsh experiences they’ve had to go through.

  3. Love these–they were fun and whimsical and then you go to being brave and that’s something I want for my kids too.

  4. Hi Pepper,

    As moms, we always wanted the best for our child. How I wish to have a daughter and if God will bless me to have a daughter next year, I dream of all the good things for her. Of course aside from the Botox-free (Lolz) I would like to keep her legs smooth and flawless :)). Anyway, Happy blogging sis!

  5. Loved this post, so cute, yet you really capture that as a parent we just want our kids to be happy. And when I say happy, I mean being able to tell they are happy and not all stiff and botoxed, BRAVO! There is so much responsibility in life, if my kids are lucky enough to find what really makes them happy and it serves to support them, then I’m all for it. My dream is not to have my kids living in my basement. Although I’m totally depending on them to support my broke-self when I retire. That’s not hypocritical, right? Heehee.

    Okay, I heart your Vera Wang addiction as well, and would settle for her fancy line of matresses as well.

    And your daughter is a cutie!

    • Thanks Cari :) I guess your kids will take it upon themselves to look after you when you retire. After all you’ve been through to raise them…
      Oooh, pardon my ignorance, but I never knew Vera Wang had a matress line :)

  6. very sweet.. :)

  7. weeeeeee..kita ko na pix Ms.Pepper..pareho po pala tayo..ako po may chinese blood at maputi rin po katulad nyo..ganda Ms.Pepper oh..kay Ms.Joy po sa influential blogger..yehey ..Congrats Ms.Pepper..

  8. I was asked this exact same question earlier by my sister. I think I’ll write a blog entry on this one as well. :) thanks for the idea

  9. witty as you are :D heehee. i like #3. tho my kids will become grooms someday. so i can wish that for myself eehee :D

  10. hehhehe…kakatuwa naman to sis…but seriously, this is a sweet remark from a lovely mother like you….:)

  11. After reading your post, it made me ponder a lot. I glanced at her while she’s sleeping(while moving a lot) in our bed. I realized I haven’t really thought of any particular dreams I have for my little one. But I remember I’ve wrote something about it when I was still pregnant of her… that there could be tons of things I want her to be but the best thing I can really do is help her become what she wants to be.

    Very nice post, pepper!

    • I’ll check out your post right now :) Yup, the best thing we can do as moms is to help our kids be the best they can be.

  12. Wow!That’s a very big crocodile (or alligator (-: ) she is holding!

    Right now my dream for my little girl is for her to have a sibling. No, wait, that’s my dream! Hmm.. the obvious that she’ll be happy and successful.

  13. Very sweet!

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