My Unwritten Dream


There’s a fairly good reason why my favorite subject back in school was Math.  The answer is either wrong or right, no gray area whatsoever.  It’s an exact science.

When it came to essay writing though, I remember being a bit on the edge of my seat on most occasions.  The thought of writing term papers loomed over me like dark clouds on an otherwise sunny day.

Sure, I had a million and one thoughts racing through my head, waiting for the chance to be immortalized in print, but the problem was in organizing them.  I’d jump from one topic to the next, as I wasted so much paper and made my pinky sore from typing on the typewriter (Yes, it was that long ago!).  I wanted to impress my teachers so much, that if it was available then, I would have enlisted the help of a professional writing service such as Essay Site to give me that stellar manuscript I so desired.

That almost makes me wonder why I’m now sucked into the realm of blogging.  My writing may still be far from stellar, but I do enjoy what I do.  I’ll just keep pushing myself to become a better writer and who knows, that first novel may just be waiting in the wings…

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I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. wow! That will be wonderful! Looking forward to your update on this!

  2. will be waiting for that novel….

  3. I went to law school before computers!!! I remember pulling the sheet from the typewriter, furious that I had reached the third to last line and messed up so badly that I had to rewrite the whole page. Kids these days… they have no idea how easy it is!

    Keep writing. Your talent is no longer hidden!

  4. A great goal!

    Whew, math was definitely not my favorite ;-)

  5. This Cookn Mom says

    I liked Math in school too!
    I don’t know how I go sucked into the realm of blogging either. I can’t write properly worth a flip let alone process my thoughts.

  6. Carla Barilá Karam says

    Pepper… this is so weird. I too love math for the same reasons… back in school and now. Funny, I always journaled growing up (and loved it!)… but when it came to writing exercises, essays or book reports something inside me would shriek! LOL! And here we are today… two math loving bloggers! HAHAHA!! So cool to know that there is actually someone else like me out there!! Blessings to you and yours!

  7. I was unaware that anyone actually liked math. Wow! You must be the first.

    Writing can be nerve generating. Writing comments even makkeess mee neervvouss. Did I use the right words to get my point across? Etc.

    You are doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

  8. Math was my favorite too. I am a lot like Carla… journal writing is something that I have done (and loved) growing up. I admit that I don’t have any true writing skills but I do it for the enjoyment of getting my thoughts out – as scattered as they may be. I admire your for your goal of writing a novel.

  9. Honestly I didn’t like school much but I agree, math is either right or wrong.

  10. I was the opposite. I loved writing but not math.

  11. I feel the same way, my favourite subject used to be math, too, and now all of a sudden I’m not interested anymore. I’ve been sucked into this right-brain world and writing, and places where there is no black and white, and it’s fascinating!

  12. I’m so with you! I never dreamed of being a writer growing up. Nor did I ever think I was particularly gifted in this area. Sometimes God has different plans for us than we have for ourselves, huh?

  13. sigrid @lovingmama says

    you are a prolific writer pep. keep it up! :D i would also like to be a published author in terms of creative writing but sadly, it seems i cannot put everything together :(

  14. Blogging is a terrific way to fine tune our thoughts and craft structure into how we deliver them. It’s also a discipline (which I lack), which over time can only I improve both the writing process and the contents. One of the best things about it is u have an instant audience, which provides a gratification that what you think, scribe, and publish has meaning … And as humans we all need a sense if meaning to live happily.

    • Yes, we do need the instant validation from others, don’t we? :) It makes us feel we aren’t alone…

  15. gelaikuting says

    I love blogging but I not into Math (really). :)

  16. Go peps! I will wait for that first novel/book of yours :)

  17. hahaha i hate numbers… the balm to my guilt is thinking the feeling is mutual hahaha because when pressured, even currency conversions can get me close to tears…

  18. I love writting blog but not in mixed catagory. No i am trying n different catagory and this will be Law essay writing

  19. Yeah, math was never my favorite, in fact I was just the opposite. I guess I had a little more faith in the creative side of my brain than the logical side, lol. Good luck with the novel!

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