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We live in uncertain times.  Whether there’s a fire-breathing dragon or a huge hospital bill waiting for you round the bend, you’ll never know.  If you’ve got large sums of money sitting in the bank, then maybe that won’t be much of a problem.  But for us who rely heavily on our paychecks, saving enough money for emergencies or a nice house in the woods continues to be a struggle.  That’s when long or short term loans come to save the day.

Getting a loan isn’t all that easy, though.  Anyone who’s ever had to apply for a loan before can attest to the painstaking hassle one must go through just to sort out those loan requirements.  But now, quick loans are made possible, thanks to Lenddo.

Lenddo is not some fly-by-night company.  It’s an online platform which seeks to help the middle class gain access to local financial services by tapping into their online social connections to vouch for their character and credibility.  So, they’ll grant you that debt consolidation loan as long as your Facebook friends don’t slander your name.

How does it work?  The process is quite simple.

  1. Go to and create and account with them.
  2. Link your Lenddo account to your online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.)
  3. Without the need for bribery, invite your family and friends to join your trusted network.
Here’s a screenshot of my account:

All you really need to do to get Lenddo to give you that loan is to build trusted connections with at least 3 people, and earn a minimum “400” Lenddo score.    You get the required score by simply linking to your other social networks.  It’s that easy.

As for the trusted connections, they must also have at least a Lenddo score of 400 before you can apply for a loan.

You’re allowed to borrow from P5,000 up to P43,000.  The interest rate will depend on your Lenddo score and terms range.  The higher your Lenddo score is, the easier it is to get your loan approved.  If you manage to meet their easy peasy requirement, you can get your loan approved in as fast as one business day!

What I like about Lenddo is that their website shows a loan calculator which helps give you an idea of how much your monthly payments will be.   Of course, I love their easy loan application process.  Imagine, there’s no need for physical collateral!  All you need are your online connections to back you up.

To make things even sweeter, Lenddo uses an electronic payments system.  They deposit the funds straight to your bank account.  Without breaking up a sweat, you’ll have that loan sitting in the palm of your hand.

A friend in need, is a friend indeed, they say.  If it’s a housing loan or one of those student loans you need, now’s the perfect time to put those Facebook and Twitter friends to use.

Here’s are some testimonials from happy Lenddo patrons:




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  1. I am so interested with this Lenddo thing. Hope I can rely on them in times of financial crisis.

  2. Oh nice! This will come in handy, especially nowadays when the weather is quite unpleasant. I had a hard time when I applied for a loan with PS Bank. They didn’t give me any explanation why I was rejected.

  3. This is great, although we should also learn how not to drown with debt. As much as possible spend wisely, invest wisely and SAVE wisely!

  4. This is a good alternative source of funding so its good to start building lenddo credibility and when you can draw upon it when you are in need of funds.

  5. I hope they ain’t the crocodiles to bite your hand off at the end of the month…kidding aside, I agree with you, it sure helps if one has somewhere to get extra cash from…

  6. This is a good option for emergency cases. Thanks for this link. There is always that point in our life where we badly need some cash.

  7. I have to admit that I’m a bit skeptical about it. Sounds too good to be true, and usually when that happens, it usually is. Hopefully, they are really that credible when it comes to the giving out of the loans and the repayment schemes are not too steep.

  8. This is something new. Although I still can’t get the idea of loaning from here but just the same I believe this is helpful especially in times of need.

  9. I heard this before and I thought, wasn’t it too risky for them? What if the loaner gives fake identity or something, how they can go after that person? Anyways, this is a good opportunity..

  10. glad there are these options!

  11. Now, this type of loan you mentioned here is quite a novelty to me. Imagine being vouched by friends from one’s social networks. There’s always room for anything that will serve the financial needs of people especially during emergencies.

  12. interesting site… mmm, but I am cutting on my credits right now.. time to start with a clean slate and start saving! thanks for the info though! bookmarking still!:)

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  13. this is a great source for those who are in financial crisis, however, since it involves social networking, one must be vigilant and be extra cautious…

  14. This will be very informative for those who needs fast cash. I do but i am really not up for the lending money part.

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