The Best Prom Dress Styles that Mothers & Daughters Approve Of

Your daughter’s prom will ultimately be one of her most memorable nights of her life. Prom dress shopping can be a fun mother and daughter bonding experience or it can become a stressful nightmare, depending on what you make it. Try some of these … [Continue reading]

Selling Never Has To Be Difficult Again Thanks To These Tips

Credit file There is no doubt about it – selling a property is one of the hardest tasks in the world. It seems that no matter what you do, there is always someone with an objection. All you want to do is to relieve the responsibility of selling … [Continue reading]

Amazing Family Portrait Ideas

Many families will have their family portrait taken every year, as it is an excellent way to document the growth of the family and see everyone develop. When it comes to having your family portrait taken, it is worth your time to consider having a … [Continue reading]

Make Your Dream Come True

I am pretty sure that there has been a time in every girl’s life that she has dreamt of her own wedding. It can be at any age for a girl to dream of the right man to come along and ask for her hand in marriage. It is just like in the old romance … [Continue reading]

Dress Up to Stand Out

Studies have shown that women wearing red look sexier than when they are wearing other colours. We can’t deny that red attracts attention. Red is bright and striking and demands attention. A red traffic light means STOP! Wherever we are, we easily … [Continue reading]

How to Educate Your Child to Read

Teaching a child to read can be very intimidating to some parents. Questions like, is my baby ready for it? Am I too eager to teach my kids the alphabet? How should I do it? Honestly, there is no right or wrong way. You can use flashcards to teach … [Continue reading]

Trendy Colours for Mermaid Tails

Image by Fitz Kids via Flickr Mermaids are mythical creatures that have been loved for a very long time. Having the body of a female and a fish tail for legs, mermaids are loved by both men and women. The reason why girls love mermaids is due to … [Continue reading]

Investing in Silver Jewellery

Image by Fashion Jewelry News via Flickr Many people look at gold jewellery as an investment, and entirely overlook the prospect of investing in silver jewellery. Gold is more expensive than silver, but silver is much more readily available. There … [Continue reading]

Flip Your House Upside Down with This Quick Guide

If you're bored of your home, you don't have to move. There are lots of ways you can make it more interesting again if you're prepared to renovate. You could stay in the same location and keep the main skeleton of the house, while completely changing … [Continue reading]

Baby Gift Ideas for Your Baby Shower Hamper

Image by Jenny Hair via Flickr If you have just been invited to your best friend’s baby shower, and have no idea what to take for her new-born, a hamper for the little one should be your best bet. Gift hampers cover a few must-have items that … [Continue reading]