What’s the Best Razor Type for a Teenage Boy

One of the decisions that you will have to make as your boy graduates to manhood is choosing the right razor for him. Shaving is important to teenagers and is a kind of a rite of passage to manhood for some. However, choosing the right razor for a … [Continue reading]

Finding the Perfect Family Car

This is a sponsored post.   image source https://www.cars.com/research/chrysler-pacifica_hybrid-2018/ When I became a mom, I knew there were going to be major changes in my life.  For one, I had to sacrifice watching Friends reruns for … [Continue reading]

Making Education Fun

Learning is a big part of life. Whether you’re trying to get your kids to enjoy school more, or you’re thinking of taking up a new course to further your career, making education fun is essential. Here are some pointers that will help you to do just … [Continue reading]

Stay Warm When Hunting By Layering Your Clothing

Layering your clothing is a smart way to combat the cold weather, and when you are out hunting, it is essential that you feel comfortable. There’s more to layering than meets the eye and it isn’t simply a question of wearing one item on top of … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During School Break

When it comes time for your children's school vacations it can seem like they want to do little more than sit on the couch all day and play video games and watch movies. And while it’s important for them to take advantage of some well deserved rest … [Continue reading]

Grow Your Own Heritage Tomatoes

Scientists used to refer to it as the wolf peach, from the Latin lyco – the wolf– and persicum – the peach. Its origins can be traced back to the early Aztecs around 700 AD, so contrary to what the Mediterranean cuisine might lead you to believe, … [Continue reading]

How is Cauda Equina Syndrome Treated?

How is cauda equina syndrome treated?   Cauda equina syndrome is a serious medical condition caused by pressure on the cauda equina nerve bundle at the bottom of the spinal cord. If not treated promptly, cauda equina syndrome can cause … [Continue reading]

5 Entry Points For Rodents In Your Home

Rats getting into your home? You need to find out how. Once you do, you can seal the areas shut and put an end to rat infestations. It’s important to fully inspect your property – every single inch of it – to find every rodent entry hole there … [Continue reading]

4 Ways to Snap Better Photos of Children for a Blog

Photographing children can be tricky even for experienced photographers. Not all children react the same way to having their photos taken, and some may shy away from the camera, others may try to grab it, and yet others may make funny faces at … [Continue reading]

Don’t Forget These Home Maintenance Repairs

If a homeowner has the mentality that they will just fix things around their home when they break, they are likely to spend a lot of unnecessary money. Additionally, they are going to have to endure a lot of uncomfortable situations. If you do … [Continue reading]