How to Educate Your Kid About Litter and Waste

If your little one is old enough (think school-age) to understand the important aspect of environmental care and all its aspects, you will do well to educate them about litter and waste. Children are very receptive when it comes to all things … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Sustainable Maternity Wear

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  We are often told to relax and take things easily but when we have a baby on the way, there are a lot of things that we worry about and things we have to prepare. This said, having to think about investing in sustainable maternity wear, … [Continue reading]

DIY Coffee Table Ideas

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We enjoy a good cup of coffee, even if it’s hot in the Philippines. Got steel pipes lying around? Why not start a DIY coffee table project? It’s a great way to spend your free time, and you can turn either second hand items, or construction … [Continue reading]

Are You Really Ready For Parenthood?


For some women, parenthood is a milestone they can’t wait to reach. If you’ve ever seen a cute baby, then you’ll know exactly why! Although having children is wonderful, it can be very hard work for an inexperienced woman. Before trying for … [Continue reading]

Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom


Decorating your kids’ bedrooms is one of the more challenging aspects of parenting. Whether you live in a posh 8-bedroom house or a cramped condo unit, you can’t squirm away from the task of making your children’s bedroom as enjoyable to live … [Continue reading]

4 Things to Think About When You’re House Hunting


Are you thinking about moving? Are you buying your first home? If so, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Buying a house is a wonderful thing. But it can also be incredibly stressful. If you’re looking to move … [Continue reading]

Health Benefits of Different Kinds of Rice


In the list of drugstores in the Philippines, you won’t find one that sells rice- unless it’s way out in the province, probably. Did you know? Rice is actually a seed! It’s a cereal grain and is the staple food of most people in Asia. It … [Continue reading]

How to Choose the Perfect-Shaped Wedding Ring

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Image by Vikini via Flickr When it comes to trying on wedding rings, you’ll find that every shape and style looks as good on your finger as it does on the display case. But don’t worry. There is a ring shape and style to flatter every finger … [Continue reading]

The Jobs We Hate To Do at Home and Some Tips On How To Get the Best Results


Taking care of your home can be no easy task, whether you are at work all day or stay home with your kids. Whatever your situation, household chores are not easy to keep on top of. So I thought I would share some of the worst household chores we … [Continue reading]

Budget Tips on Getting an Elegant Prom Dress For Your Daughter

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Most of us have been taught to believe that just because something is more expensive, it is better. With fashion, that belief is definitely wrong. There’s an abundant amount of clothes out there that look good and are affordable the same way that … [Continue reading]