How to Give Career Advice to a Teenager

Teenagers are notoriously prickly creatures. If you ask them to do something, they will invariably do something different. As a result, offering careers advice to a teenager is fraught with difficulties. If you approach the conversation in the wrong … [Continue reading]

How to Find a Meaningful Career Path

Finding a meaningful career path doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might imagine. Most career advisers will tell you to 'follow your passion' however this is not always the right answer for everyone. Most young people, and even older people, … [Continue reading]

Divorce and Your Child: A Developmental Mini-Guide to Understanding Their Feelings

Divorce is, for children, a devastating experience. Most parents, fortunately, are more than ready to take time out from their own personal tensions to prioritize the task of guiding their kids through the trauma. It is important at these times to … [Continue reading]

What You Should Do For Well Being In Every Area of Your Life

There’s nothing quite like having a feeling of well-being, whatever you may be doing and wherever you may be in life. But how do you achieve that? Of course, it’s unrealistic to think that you can walk around feeling happy go-lucky all the time if … [Continue reading]

The Day My Daughter Taught Me What Real Beauty Means

As preparations are underway for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, so is my 10-year old daughter busy primping her hair, as if she were a contestant on the show. Lately, she has been busy preening in front of the mirror, and practising her beauty … [Continue reading]

Shake Up Your Finances In The New Year And Get Back On Track   Sometimes, regardless of the good choices we make, or how hard we try to stay on track, we can have problems with our finances. It’s not always easy to know … [Continue reading]

How You Can Keep Your Hearing Healthy

Sometimes people take their ability to hear their loved ones, their favourite TV shows and the wonders of nature for granted. The ability to hear is one of the most important senses, but for some reason we don’t properly look after our hearing like … [Continue reading]

Vladimir’s – Your Stepping Stone to Forex Trading Success

Vladimir of Vladimir's Forex Signs and Mentoring System is a well-known dealer and so as a popular Currency Trading teacher. Over time, he trade on his own benefit as well as for big hedge funds. He's developed an sRs Tendency Rider System. Now let … [Continue reading]

The Modern Pain In The Eye: What High-Tech Does To You

I spy with my little eye something beginning with S. Don’t look any further, it’s a screen, and you are looking right at it. Screens are great, especially as they are part of your everyday social exchange and work, whether it’s on a smartphone, a … [Continue reading]

3 Surefire Ways to Make Moving Easier and Bond with Your Family

Moving is a hassle. Many people report staying in their current home, apartment or condo much longer than they planned solely because they dreaded moving. The logistical headache is bad enough. Even if you hire the best movers in the world, the … [Continue reading]