Be There For Baby

Pexels Image   Everything changes when you invite a little one to share your life. Your priorities shift, and you suddenly realize what’s been missing from your life. No parent likes to think about what could go wrong when they’re in those … [Continue reading]

Are You Thinking About Safety At Home?

If a home is one thing, one thing at all, it's a safe place. Well, it should be. Since the dawn of time, home has meant a roof over the head, some kind of wall and at the bare minimum, some protection from the environment and the dangers of the … [Continue reading]

3 Tips To Start Loving Yourself Again

Think about it enough, and you’ll realise that there are far too many people in the world who have no idea just how special they are. Many of us invest far too much time in focussing on the negatives, or are surrounded by so many negative people or … [Continue reading]

Getting On The Property Ladder For The First Time

Getting the first step on the property ladder can be a daunting prospect, but there are many people in the same position, and you can get some excellent advice on the website. If you are looking to make the plunge and invest in your … [Continue reading]

Charity Fundraising Ideas for the Whole Family

Raising money for valuable causes is something that you can take part in with the whole family. Not only does this help to bring you closer together, you are teaching your kids valuable life lessons about charity, unity and the power of people when … [Continue reading]

Cool Ways to Add Color to a Kid’s Bedroom

Image source Kids love color. They won’t be satisfied unless their bedroom is bright, bold and beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that you have to paint the walls bright pink, orange or blue. There are lots of more creative ways to add color to a … [Continue reading]

Top Kid-Friendly Activities at Big Bend National Park

Are you and the family heading out to Big Bend National Park for a weekend, or possibly a few days stay and are wondering what activities are available for the kids? Big Bend National Park is home to a number of different communities and some pretty … [Continue reading]

How to Cope When Life Kicks You in the Teeth

As much as the movies would have us believe, life is rarely a box of chocolates. Bad things happen, partners cheat on us, a loved one dies unexpectedly, or we are diagnosed with a serious illness. You can’t prevent these things from happening, … [Continue reading]

Simple Strategies That Will Optimize Your Child’s Dental Health

These days, more and more parents are realizing that they need to teach their children about the importance of maintaining great dental health. If you've recently drawn this conclusion, now is the time to begin implementing oral health strategies … [Continue reading]

Rebuilding Self-Confidence In 4 Easy Steps

Image: Flickr   Some people in this life are naturally programmed to walk the earth with a swagger. In truth, though, most people will suffer from a lack of confidence at one stage or another. Given that this is one of the worst feelings in … [Continue reading]