How to Bond with Your Child Over Cars

Image courtesy of blackstock/ Think of good friends.  What makes their presence enjoyable?  Yes, there must be an emotional bond (especially if a longtime friend), but what (exactly) draws you to them?  It's likely you have … [Continue reading]

Five Suggestions for Finding a Pediatric Dentist

Finding a new dentist when you need one can be very difficult. Looking for a good kids’ dentist is even more complicated. A regular dentist may choose to treat children, but that doesn’t mean he or she is a pediatric dentist. The American Dental … [Continue reading]

He Says LOL, She Says Haha: How Men and Women are Different

Image courtesy of zirconicusso / I got a text from an old guy friend last night, and he said he was lonely because he doesn’t have a girlfriend.  That kind of took me off guard, as all this time, I have been under the … [Continue reading]

Humour in Parenting!

photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc When you sit down to write a blog you need to be sure that you have something to say.  On my parenting blog, I always try to do just that, from the mother’s point of view.  However, getting a … [Continue reading]

Earning Opportunities Online

Earning bucks online has been trending for quite some time now.  Its steady rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are becoming interested in it. When it comes to money making online, there are plenty of choices … [Continue reading]

Blogging Daddy Style

photo credit: uniondocs via photopin cc Dads are just as excited about babies as us women, so why shouldn’t they share that joy with the world just like we do. Daddy style blogs have something for everyone; they are not just for the boys. They can … [Continue reading]

Why It’s Important for Children to Play by Themselves

Image courtesy of hinnamsaisuy / Whoever started the whole “a priest, a Jew and a rabbi” genre of jokes must be given credit.  These jokes are simply timeless and never fail to crack people up.  But why didn’t the priest, or … [Continue reading]

Practical Recommendations for Bath Décor

A functional bath or powder room is a necessity but that does not mean it can’t also be attractive; many modern bathroom accessories along with practical articles such as shower and bath shelves, laundry hampers and towel ladders can transform a … [Continue reading]

Unexpectedly In Love

And so, it happened.  I fell in love.  I am in love.  Unlike playing in a band or having abs like Gwen Stefani’s, falling in love wasn’t one of my top goals for this year (or any year, for that matter!).  I have given up all hope of once again being … [Continue reading]

Choosing Your Holiday Accommodation

Summer is just about here, and while the organised among us will have had our summer holiday booked long ago, those less so, and those waiting to snap up a last minute bargain, need to get their skates on! If you’re planning a break, one of the … [Continue reading]