Benefits of using Sunblock Everyday

Author’s Biography Pam De Guzman, a.k.a the kid from the North, is a frustrated writer, event organizer, business owner and an aspiring director and writer of a personal/fashion/movie/book/travel blog. She’ll be writing about pretty much anything … [Continue reading]

Cornhole: A Game for All Ages and Places

Cornhole is a game in which bean bags, or more appropriately, bags filled with corn, are tossed onto a board with the intention of getting them to slide into a hole in the board. It is normally played with four people where two teams of two compete … [Continue reading]

Vintage Vibe: Why I Choose Velvet

It’s a little known fact that there’s a bit of an old-fashioned side to me.  I find inexplicable joy in things from yesteryears.  Simply being around objects from eras past gives me a sense of comfort.   So now that it’s been ages since I last … [Continue reading]

Students of Strength – A Tutor in your Pocket

Asking for help is something that I as a single mom should practise more often. After all, it does take a village to raise a child.In the case of tutoring my middle schooler, I have always done that on my own. Whenever exam days loom over the … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons to Turn to Green Cleaning

Photo credit: Olivia Green Have you ever asked yourself what green cleaning is all about? You probably have. It is a method of cleaning that utilizes products and procedures, which are organic and earth friendly with a sole purpose of preserving … [Continue reading]

Interesting and Helpful Facts about Addition Recovery

Image by Providenece Health Care Vancouver via Flickr The road to recovery from addition is never a smooth and easy-going one. If you are close to someone struggling with an addiction or in the process of recovering from one, it’s important to see … [Continue reading]

Helpful Advice For Making Blogging Stress Free

Credit Blogging is by far one of the best jobs in the world. You can work from home, write about your passions, develop an audience, and even get paid for it. There are so many benefits to blogging that it’s hard to imagine a downside. But … [Continue reading]

What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

The Simple Dollar’s Guide to Life Insurance   There’s no way to get around it: death is not a pleasant topic of conversation. However, loss does happen and when it does, it’s crucial to know that the people who depend on you are taken care … [Continue reading]

The Beni Ourain Rug – The Gem of Morocco

Beni Ourain rugs are making their mark in the world of interior design right now, and it is easy to see why. These exquisite rugs are hand-woven in the Moroccan tradition by indigenous tribes and are a truly unique and stylish accompaniment to any … [Continue reading]

The Top Secret of Kids Who Do Not Get Sick

When my normally inquisitive and enthusiastic tween suddenly became silent as a lamb one day, I knew something was amiss. True enough, she was feeling down because her best friend from school has been absent for days because of the flu. It’s that … [Continue reading]