Sexy Sarong Ties for the Summer

  Summer is around the corner and so is the desire to soak up the sun and spend a day by the beach or pool. A sarong is a fun, flirty and sexy accessory in case you want to duck into that café for an ice coffee or just walk along the beach … [Continue reading]

Make a Fashion Statement with Scarves

In this age of creativity and true expression of oneself, there are different ways on how women make a fashion statement. Some women still do this through their outfit. They wear the most fashionable clothes to express themselves. Some would wear … [Continue reading]

How home insurance actually helps you save money

Most of us would prefer not to think about such eventualities as the severe damage to our homes or the loss of all our cherished personal possessions. Such a prospect is an extremely unsettling one, particularly if you are one of the minority of … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Halloumi Stuffed Peppers

Whether you’re unfamiliar with peppers or you’d like to try a new recipe that utilises them for something other than a salad ingredient, peppers are a versatile foodstuff that can be found in various bright colours, most popular being red, green, … [Continue reading]

How to look and feel good this summer – on a budget

With everything from spray tans to microdermabrasion available at salons across the UK, it can be easy to spend a fortune on your looks. Some people even save up for tummy tucks or liposuction to remove excess fat, but there are other cost-effective … [Continue reading]

Budget Fashion Tips for Your Baby

When Suri Cruise was born some years ago, a thousand angels in heaven sang praise and nearly twisted their halos in sheer delight.  Harps were singing merrily as this little bundle of cuteness and joy made her entrance into this world.  But it wasn’t … [Continue reading]

Revisiting an Ex-Love

The heart is a very fragile thing.  Once broken, it takes time before it heals completely.  Between a heartbreak and recovery, the shattered person goes through countless drinking sessions and internal battles as to whether or not he should un-friend … [Continue reading]

Letter UP: For the Serious Word Warrior

It’s only 10am, yet you start to feel your eyelids heavily drooping as you stare blankly at your computer monitor.  The signs of boredom are creeping in, as you try your hardest to pretend that you’re working your ass off while seated in your comfy … [Continue reading]

The Costly Mistake of Credit Card Overpayments

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / Whilst credit cards can provide a useful and sometimes even vital means of cash, they are, of course, to be used with care. Credit card debt can spiral out of control very easily if left … [Continue reading]

Tips On Planning Your Staycation

Spring break is over, and we’re back in school.  I’m going back to work and will once again battle wits with elementary school kids trying to reason with me over the most trivial of things.  Snuggling in bed with my daughter, tickling her to tears … [Continue reading]