Something For Everyone: 5 Money Saving Tips For You

If you are a human that knows what the words money and stress mean, then we really don’t need to tell you how stressful stressing about money can be. But there are simple ways to reduce your financial woes. You see, the value of money has very little … [Continue reading]

If You Aren’t Getting Pap Smears, You Are Endangering Yourself

fIt’s no secret preventive care is critically important. We all know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Maintaining your health means making appointments for vaccinations and check-ups rather than waiting until a problem occurs. If you … [Continue reading]

Creative Ways to Save on Your Water Bill This Summer

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How an Unexpected Pregnancy Birthed a Short Film

By Amy Ferguson Riddle me this: Two long time friends living in different states get together for one passionate night after twenty years of wondering 'what if?' One lost his wife to cancer six months prior, and is still working through his … [Continue reading]

Creating a Candy Buffet That Perfectly Matches Your Event

Many of us have dreamed about the day that we can create a beautiful, exciting, and fun loving candy buffet. Like many of the other new things that we have tried, we’re afraid that we’ll somehow make a mistake. Decor   For many people, … [Continue reading]

Safety First And Workout Related Injuries Last

(Image Credit)   Like most things in life, exercise can be a dangerous game. It’s very easy to injure yourself while you’re exercising; if you fail to take the proper precautions. And, although these injuries are usually fairly minor; they … [Continue reading]

A Relaxing Home For All the Family

Image source   Creating a relaxing home environment has become more important than ever - somewhere that can encourage our little ones the importance of slowing down for a second and stopping to smell the roses. Life has become go, go, go … [Continue reading]

The Importance of Libraries for Children

The Importance of Libraries for Children   If you’re a parent or someone who feels a calling to help children, it’s essential to foster a love of learning in the children in your life. Whether you’re looking for a new career that can help … [Continue reading]

The 6 Secrets of Sleep

A good night’s sleep benefits us in more ways than we probably even care to think about. We spend up to one third of our lives asleep - that’s over 25 years in most cases that we are in the land of nod, dead to the world and encased in our own … [Continue reading]

How To Get That Dream Job (Without Any Previous Experience)

Image Source   ‘Experience needed’ is a phrase jobseekers worldwide despise. If you’ve got your eyes set on a certain career but are having trouble getting your foot in the door because employers keep asking for experience, don’t despair – … [Continue reading]