Make Your Friend Smile In the Worst of Times

We all have to go through hard times at some point and during those moments; nothing could work better than a friend’s support. Nowadays many young people go through divorce, and this is not easy for anyone. So, if you know a person who happens to … [Continue reading]

High Tech Kitchens Of The Future

What’s in store for the kitchen of tomorrow? There’s no knowing for certain what the appliances will look like in 30 years, what functions will come as standard or how they will work, but as a guide, it might be worth looking at a modern-day … [Continue reading]

Faith Over Fear: When Growing Old Doesn’t Suck

Looking in the mirror is the first thing I do when I get up in the morning.  Today, I got the shock of my life, as I saw one white strand of hair!  I was faced with the decision whether to pull it out or not.  I decided not to. And then, the … [Continue reading]

Dinner is on me – Gong Bao Chicken

I’m sure you have all heard of Gong Bao Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken as it commonly known. I’m not going to into the history of it or where it came from, because all you really need to know is that it tastes really good. I came across a recipe … [Continue reading]

Flood, Sweat and Tears

I never really understood the difference between a monsoon rain, a tropical depression and a typhoon.  They all are the same to me, because of the devastation they always leave behind. For the past 3 or 4 days, we here in the Philippines have … [Continue reading]

Need Cash Fast? Try Lenddo


We live in uncertain times.  Whether there’s a fire-breathing dragon or a huge hospital bill waiting for you round the bend, you’ll never know.  If you’ve got large sums of money sitting in the bank, then maybe that won’t be much of a … [Continue reading]

When Mom Does A Retail Conference

Whenever I see or hear anything that closely resembles a dollar sign- or any currency, for that matter- my eyes twinkle and glow as they would if I saw Ryan Gosling in the flesh.  Nothing gets my heart pumping like a good business opportunity.  I … [Continue reading]

Drink-ware for Moms- and Kids- On the Go


Any prolific paparazzi- including the one who caught Kristen Stewart making out with that director- would know that I can’t start the day without a piping hot cup of coffee.  A professional stalker wouldn’t have to second guess that I always … [Continue reading]

I Wish I Had Facial Hair


No, you definitely are not looking at a typo, nor have I gone totally insane- at least I don’t think so!  I just sometimes wish I were male.  Yes, I wish was one of those chaps who burped on command and knew what RF coaxial connectors were all … [Continue reading]

Why I Shouldn’t Be Friends With My Daughter (Not Too Much!)

In Geometry, lines are important.  They serve a purpose in marking boundaries, setting limits.  The same holds true in life.  Lines have to be drawn in order to delineate one’s space and borders.  When those lines are crossed one way or … [Continue reading]