Caring for Our Breasts is Best

It was just another one of those busy mornings as I was tailgating a particularly slow-moving SUV in front of me.  My impatience was about to get the better of me, when I noticed a sticker on that vehicle’s rear- a pink ribbon.  It was … [Continue reading]

A Place of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

For the record, I’m not one who loves to kiss ass, but I must admit that I do love my boss.  She’s the nicest angel on the face of the earth, and she deserves to be treated right.  So when she came up to me one morning about a keloid scar on … [Continue reading]

My Unwritten Dream

Image: There’s a fairly good reason why my favorite subject back in school was Math.  The answer is either wrong or right, no gray area whatsoever.  It’s an exact science. When it came to essay writing though, I … [Continue reading]

A Happy Rewind: Looking Back On Friendships Past

There’s just something about rainy days that make me all nostalgic.  The pitter-patter of the raindrops on the rooftops sends me back to my childhood.  As I sit here, looking out the window, imagining those raindrops to be lemon drops and gum … [Continue reading]

3 Awesome Tools for Starting a Business

Image: Beginning a business is not easy. A new business requires a lot of micro-managing and needs a lot of involvement. Businessmen tend to be disheartened when they find the task too exhausting. This is why online tools are … [Continue reading]

Grabbing the BULL-y by the Horns

Probably one of the hardest skills a mom should master is hiding her emotions.  It’s putting on a façade of strength when inside, her spirit is crushed to bits.  I was faced with that challenge last week, when my daughter came home from school, … [Continue reading]

When Your Kid Has Stage Fright


My spidey mom-sense was on heightened alert when I knew that something was troubling my daughter when she came home from school one afternoon.  Her usual chatty, post-school self was shushed by a countenance marked by a somber quality.  I was quick … [Continue reading]

The Impatient Patient

This weekend, I’m taking a trip which I’m not really too keen on taking.  I’m going back to see the doctor.  It doesn’t matter if he’s good-looking.  I simply dread having to drag myself to the clinic, and wait for hours until the doctor … [Continue reading]

Why I Should Not Be (Unreasonably) Afraid


It pains me to say it, but I don’t feel safe living in this day and age. In this part of the world, you’ll be shocked at the types of crime committed. Around a month ago, news of a six-year-old boy being kidnapped on a school bus was broken, … [Continue reading]

How to Prevent Praise Burnout

Too much of a good thing can be bad.  There is more truth to that than I’d like to admit.  This danger when it comes to overloading on the good stuff also applies to how we praise our kids. We habitually say “Good job!”  to our kids when … [Continue reading]