Keep Yourselves Warm as Toast

If you are living in a seasonal country where the weather is unpredictably cold the whole year through, then you probably realize how important it is to keep yourselves warm during those harsh weather. Apart from wearing street clothes that can … [Continue reading]

The Truth About Teeth

If a face can launch a thousand ships, a huge factor which contributes to one’s beauty would have to be his smile.  Flashing those pearly whites simply brightens everything up, and is highly infectious.  If you smile at even the crossest of misers, … [Continue reading]

Put Your Mobile App Development in Motion!

online photo sharing Image courtesy of nirots / Mobile devices are widely used these days not just by adults but more so by teenagers and children. The curiosity that children have in using these different mobile devices can … [Continue reading]

Making Your Baby a Little Fashionista

If you just had a baby and would like her to be a mini fashionista, you must be a fashionista yourself! It’s fun for a mom to make their baby girl look extra special and not only does this include purchasing adorable clothing, but this means … [Continue reading]

When Thoughts Shift to a Career Shift…

Too much of anything is bad.  I relearned that life lesson today, as I feel I’ve had way too much coffee this morning.  I’m starting to feel a bit more jittery than usual, that the shakes are surely going to register on the Richter scale. More … [Continue reading]

My Secret Dream: From Hair to Eternity

It was a lazy and lonesome Saturday when I found myself chatting with my aunt on Facebook.  She’s been living in the US for years now, also as a single mom.  That was the first time she opened up to me and told me things about her which I never … [Continue reading]

Financial Decisions to Stay Far From

If you're not  careful with your financial decisions, you could quickly find yourself in debt and struggling to stay afloat. Managing the bills, paying the mortgage, and staying on top of your finances are always going to be  tedious and frustrating … [Continue reading]

How to Insure Your Children’s Security

If you want  to make sure that your children are safe and secure, even if you are  not around to protect them, there are lots of options that are available  to you. The safety and security of our children is perhaps the most  important aspect of … [Continue reading]

What a Single Mom Does With Her Fingers

My fingers were helplessly trembling as I held it in my clammy hands.  It was just the right size- not too big, not too small.  As I touched it, I felt the excitement building up inside me even more.  I was up all night playing with it.  Varying … [Continue reading]

Tips On Decorating Your Sunroom

One of the reasons I particularly love watching the Sound of Music over and over again, is that I find Fraulein Maria’s mood infectious.  Her cheery disposition rubs off on me whenever I see her running over those hills, singing at the top of her … [Continue reading]