How to Get Your Kids Interested in Studying

Image courtesy of photostock / You know how certain songs grow on you?  I hate to admit it, but Cali Swag District’s hip hop ditty, “Teach Me How to Dougie” has become somewhat of a household anthem.  I put my measly … [Continue reading]

Skin Care For Sensitive Skin: The Search Ends Here

My high school years were probably the best years of my life.  I had so much to be excited about:  there was prom night, school fairs where I got to ogle cute boys from the all-boys school next to our school, and countless sleepovers at my … [Continue reading]

Optimism: An Acquired Taste

Optimism is pretty much like that spoonful of sugar- it helps the medicine go down.   A healthy dose of positive thinking helps you weather even the stormiest of storms.  It helps better equip you to handle those curve balls life sometimes throws … [Continue reading]

Getting Down to the Necessities

Talk to anyone of the Baby Boomer generation and older, and it is easy to figure out why they were able to save for big purchases, vacations and more while living on mostly equivalent wages. Sure, the cost of living has risen some, but it is still … [Continue reading]

For Your Little Modernista

If your little girl or boy happens to love everything modern when it comes to design, you may have a modernista on your hands. A little modernista embraces the current interior design trends, has a good eye for colors, and knows what he or she wants. … [Continue reading]

Wine-Tasting: A Beginner’s Guide

Image courtesy of Luigi Diamanti / I have to admit that you can compare my knowledge about wine and wine tasting to Paris Hilton’s expertise on quantum physics.   The most I know about wines, is that there’s red and … [Continue reading]

Nail Alert: Fall Nail Trends to Finish Your Look

Image: We all know that the accessories, makeup, and hair can enhance and add those finishing touches to any look. From hair extensions to the right eye shadow to a beautiful scarf, the small touches are important. Your nails … [Continue reading]

The Fish That Got Away…

I swear that I’m going to puke if somebody tells me, “there’s lots of fish in the ocean”.  Sure, there’s a whole garden variety of swimmy creatures out there, but what if I want just this one fish?  What if I’ve got my whole head … [Continue reading]

Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Easy Tips for Busy Moms

We’ve all heard a little bit about Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arranging objects to bring harmony to your home. Principles of Feng Shui provide some easy guidelines for adding peace, symmetry, and balanced design to the spaces you love … [Continue reading]

Simply Superb Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

Replica handbags  are so famous because they make an otherwise unattainable dream come true for thousands of people. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags are a boon for many a designer bag loving woman. In fact these women long to own at least one such … [Continue reading]