My Perspective Project: I’m Having a Good Hair Day

If I got paid a penny for every time I said those words, I’d probably have only enough to buy me a burger from the local diner.  But today is definitely one of those days when my hair seems to magically be under my spell.  There’s nary a strand out … [Continue reading]

Top Ten Targets for Burglars

Whether you own your own home or you are a tenant in a rented property, home insurance will be a necessary and sensible investment. In a day and age when burglary accounts for around 15-percent of all reported crime, house contents insurance is an … [Continue reading]

The Refrigerator – A Must-Clean Kitchen Essential

The refrigerator is a very important piece of equipment in the kitchen. As food is essential for our daily sustenance, this is where we store them to keep them fresh.  Usually though, we are not that careful when we put things back in it, like we are … [Continue reading]

Old Friends Are Gold

Between the 1980’s and today, my life has changed in so many ways.  Physically, my body has started to store fat in the most unsightly places, and fine lines are starting to draw themselves on my face.   But more than these manifestations of growing … [Continue reading]

From Here to Nowhere

For the past couple of days, I noticed that I find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning.  When I try to get up, it feels like I’m dragging a ton of bricks uphill.    My spirit just feels so heavy. I don’t know exactly who or … [Continue reading]

A Plan for Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most visited place in the home, not only by the family, but by guests. It should be regularly cleaned, to invite with sparkling cleanliness and pleasant aromas. The first step that people should take when they prepare to … [Continue reading]

My Perspective Project: Changing How I View Life

What do nicely embroidered tablecloths and the Dr. Phil show have in common?  They’re not at all related, but those were the two things which kept me smiling during my pregnancy (years ago!).  One of the things I picked up from Dr. Phil’s show was … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Ways to Promote Gun Safety in your Home – Maximum Security

Whether seen on TV, heard on the radio, or read on the Internet, one can hardly avoid being inundated by the hot topic of gun control and safety these days. But regardless of which side of the fence one sits with respect to this debate, few can argue … [Continue reading]

Marketing and Branding Your Blog

In a dog-eat-dog world where many of your competitors are likely utilizing a blog as part of their online marketing strategies, how do you stack up? Does your company currently have a blog, and if so, how are you ensuring that it stands out from the … [Continue reading]

D.I.Y. Stationery from Your Home Printer

With the proliferation of Pinterest pages and Etsy shops, consumers are leaning more and more into the do-it-yourself realm for all things creative. From custom-inking stamps to personalized stationary and invitations, the mailed letter is coming … [Continue reading]