Mommy Matters: Why I Joined a Credit Union

One of the blessings which I am most thankful for are the friends I have from all over the globe.  Although I’d have to swim the seven seas just to give them a handshake, they’re always there for me when it comes to matters of the heart- and even … [Continue reading]

Will You Make Your Last Will?

When somebody close to me retired, she casually mentioned that she was working on her will. Personally, I never thought that it was something I would do, but I guess it’s always wise to plan ahead. I don't think anyone enjoys thinking about death, … [Continue reading]

Planning the Perfect Birthday Party For Your Kids

Planning a birthday party can be nerve wracking.  There’s no doubt that dealing with all of the various details can get frustrating, and expensive.  So how do you create the perfect party environment while sticking to your budget?   With organization … [Continue reading]

The Skinny on My Skin

Have you ever dreamed of walking on the moon?  Probably the closest you can get to doing a Neil Armstrong is by looking at my face.  With all its uneven terrain and bumpy irregularities, my facial skin could very well be a replica of the moon’s … [Continue reading]

How to Communicate With Your Man- Really!

Before you leave this page and think about what kind of a sick, crazy nut I am- a divorced single mom giving out relationship advice- please do give me a chance and hear me out.  I don’t claim to be an expert at anything which closely relates to … [Continue reading]

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Sleep

In these hectic modern times it often seems as if rest and relaxation have been relegated from necessities to luxuries. The hours we put in at work may be shorter than those of our parents' but the statistics belie the fact that, with the explosion … [Continue reading]

Reconstruction of a Broken Heart

It’s all that asteroid’s fault- you know, the one that hit the earth billions of years and wiped out the dinosaurs from the face of the earth.  If it weren’t for that asteroid, human beings would never have evolved, and I would never have been born.  … [Continue reading]

Knowing Your Baby’s Gender: Tests That Tell

So you are curious about knowing the gender of your baby? Well this is only natural. The only problem is that there are so many gender tests available that you are bound to find yourself lost as to which one to choose. But how accurate do you need … [Continue reading]

Caring For Children With Cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, parents find themselves facing their fear of losing their child. These days such a diagnosis is not necessarily a death sentence because of the daily discoveries of science and medicine. Many patients and their … [Continue reading]

How to Carry Out a Paternity Test

Wondering who the daddy is? You are definitely not alone. Tens of thousands of paternity tests are done years in the USA alone. DNA Paternity testing is the most accurate and scientific way of determining who the father of a baby is. Buying a … [Continue reading]