Secrets of Well-Rested Moms

If you think that the greatest invention ever known to man is the snooze button on the alarm clock, then you are clearly manifesting signs of lack of sleep.  Although it may be all too common to hear of moms who beg for those extra five minutes of … [Continue reading]

Kids’ Vitamins That Rock

I’m not in any way related to Nostradamus, but I think I can boldly make a fearless forecast that my 6-year old daughter is going to grow up to be one of TIME magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.  Even at her present age, she is … [Continue reading]

The Revirginization of Me

Well, what do you know?  There is such a word!  I dared Google it, and was surprised to find out that such a word existed.  Simply put, it means restoring a woman’s virginity through surgery. Before you get any ideas, let me clarify that I didn’t … [Continue reading]

The Lady Who Shops Like a Man

Make no mistake about it, I’m all woman, from head to toenail.  Although a slight spike in androgen levels has made me a bit hairier in some parts, I’m pretty much your average Jane.  But unlike most women who spend hours scouring mall shops just to … [Continue reading]

Buy a New Home From Home

Calculus was never one of my strong points.  When I was in college, I remember mentally spewing out curse words at whoever invented this type of torture.  While we’re on the topic of daunting tasks, one other equally difficult and arduous undertaking … [Continue reading]

My Life: Are You In It?

When I was in seventh grade, I gave a speech in class on this topic: “Enjoy life, do not fear death”.  Until now, I can vividly remember my teacher nodding in agreement almost all throughout my spiel.  My classmates were so quiet that you could hear … [Continue reading]

Give Your Man Some NFL Love

Like a moth to a flame, men are helplessly drawn to sports.  Interrupt them while they’re watching the game, and you’re setting the stage for World War 3.  Be prepared to duck, for the verbal ammunition can be highly devastating. Now, there’s a … [Continue reading]

Mother-Daughter Adventures: The African Safari

As a kid, I remember being a huge fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.  You know, those chapter books where you get to choose how the story ends.  I would be so wrapped up in it, that I’d pause only for bathroom breaks. Now that I’m a … [Continue reading]

What To Do When Naming a Baby

Naming a new born can either be a very easy task or a very hard task. Some parents are able to decide on a name even before they know there having a baby, while some can’t decide no matter how much help they get. So here are a few tips just in case … [Continue reading]

Olympic Medal Count Since the New Millennium

The London 2012 games may be over, but I feel that I’m still suffering from a serious case of Olympics fever.  My Olympics fanaticism has shifted to conjuring up images of Michael Phelps swimming in a pool of medals… Medals, it seems, are what the … [Continue reading]