Psychic Readings: The Way to a Harmonious Home

Back in high school, I remember making it a morning habit to quickly jump to the entertainment section of the daily newspaper and skim through my daily horoscope.  I wasn’t one to really “live by the horoscope”.  It was all for entertainment … [Continue reading]

How to Help Your Kids Love School

You heave a huge sigh of relief as your little one finally boards the school bus and embarks on yet another school day adventure.  You plop yourself firmly on the couch, thankful that you have survived another morning-rush-turned-power-struggle with … [Continue reading]

TAFKAP: The Artist Formerly Known As Pepper

Betcha by golly wow, I am not a perfect person!  There are close to a thousand and one things I’d like to change about myself.  Sure, we always say, “We’re only human!” but is there anything wrong with striving for perfection- or at least, … [Continue reading]

Purchasing a New Home

A little over a week ago, we celebrated Memorial Day- and National Doughnut Day a few days after, if I may add.  We bestowed honor on the unsung heroes who gave up their lives for the freedom of others.  If you or someone you know used to, or still … [Continue reading]

My New BFF: Bingo!

Louis Pasteur made a remarkable breakthrough when he came up with the first vaccines.  In almost the same light, I have made an essential discovery which has since changed my life forever: online bingo. Image courtesy of … [Continue reading]

The Antibiotic Cocktail: When Too Much is Too Bad

How many times have we seen doctors hand out antibiotics like they were cocktails at an after-dinner party?   Ages ago, our forefathers had no other recourse but to weep and bear it whenever they were struck by some life-threatening disease such as … [Continue reading]

Storytime Strategy: Thinking Out Loud

Bean bags are probably the next best thing that happened to story time.   Library denizens ranging from preschoolers to eighth graders have grown a fondness for those comfy pieces of furniture and have consequently fallen prey to the lure of story … [Continue reading]

Flower Power: How Blooms Heal

“We’re dropping like flies!”  Those were the immortal words spoken by my boss the other day, as almost all members of his staff have been sick these past few days.  One of my co-workers happens to be in the hospital now, basically due to fatigue from … [Continue reading]

The Coffee Experience: Single Mom Style

I’d like to consider myself to be fairly normal, but why do I find myself watching American Idol reruns on an otherwise productive Saturday afternoon?  Maybe my daughter’s undeniable crush on Phillip Phillips has slightly rubbed off on me.  I don’t … [Continue reading]

A Middle-of-the-Night Aerosmith Attack

I certainly “don’t wanna close my eyes… don’t wanna fall asleep” cause I miss him, and I don’t want to miss a thing.  My corniness does freak me out sometimes, I have to admit!  But I can’t help it.  Steven Tyler has gotten into my system and has got … [Continue reading]