The Antibiotic Cocktail: When Too Much is Too Bad

How many times have we seen doctors hand out antibiotics like they were cocktails at an after-dinner party?   Ages ago, our forefathers had no other recourse but to weep and bear it whenever they were struck by some life-threatening disease such as … [Continue reading]

Storytime Strategy: Thinking Out Loud

Bean bags are probably the next best thing that happened to story time.   Library denizens ranging from preschoolers to eighth graders have grown a fondness for those comfy pieces of furniture and have consequently fallen prey to the lure of story … [Continue reading]

Flower Power: How Blooms Heal

“We’re dropping like flies!”  Those were the immortal words spoken by my boss the other day, as almost all members of his staff have been sick these past few days.  One of my co-workers happens to be in the hospital now, basically due to fatigue from … [Continue reading]

The Coffee Experience: Single Mom Style

I’d like to consider myself to be fairly normal, but why do I find myself watching American Idol reruns on an otherwise productive Saturday afternoon?  Maybe my daughter’s undeniable crush on Phillip Phillips has slightly rubbed off on me.  I don’t … [Continue reading]

A Middle-of-the-Night Aerosmith Attack

I certainly “don’t wanna close my eyes… don’t wanna fall asleep” cause I miss him, and I don’t want to miss a thing.  My corniness does freak me out sometimes, I have to admit!  But I can’t help it.  Steven Tyler has gotten into my system and has got … [Continue reading]

When Counting Sheep Doesn’t Count

Any mother will probably agree with me when I say that once you become a mom, sleep becomes a luxury.  Those long hours of sleeping in suddenly become as extinct as Kim Kardashian’s last beau.  Getting those much-needed Z’s becomes a thing of the … [Continue reading]

Walking in My Daughter’s Shoes

Still reveling in the Mother’s Day high, I feel the aching urge to write a post through the eyes of my daughter.  In my opinion, this is the world as she sees it… Free images from My mom? I must say that she has an … [Continue reading]

K.I.S.S.- A.S.S. (Keeping It Short but Sweet- A Silent Soliloquy)

The thought of sleeping in on a Sunday sounded really tempting, but my cellphone wouldn’t stop vibrating from all the incoming messages.  When I finally picked it up, only then did I realize that it was Mother’s Day! When I turned to look at the … [Continue reading]

Are You Having a Bad (Online) Face Day?

It takes nearly a lifetime to build your reputation online, but it takes only minutes for someone to destroy all of that.  Scary but true.  With the advent of social networking sites, blogs, and other online forums, it has become almost effortless to … [Continue reading]

Pain Management in Children

Now I’m not quite sure if the song goes “Pain, pain” or “Rain, rain go away…”  Either way, I think you simply can’t discount its entertainment value and the fact that it helps soothe the aches and pains of tiny tots all over. Image: … [Continue reading]