Mommy Music Cravings: An Honest Music Download Site Review

Back in the day, I was an mp3 junkie.  I used to spend hours downloading songs from the now extinct Napster.  In between doing research for my college thesis, I’d squeeze in some time to download Madonna and A-Ha songs.  My reason for getting an … [Continue reading]

Home Lighting Tips for Your Living Room

Home is where the heart is, they say.  And where your heart resides, there should be light.  Since the living room is where a lot of activity takes place- from reading, entertaining guests, and watching TV to cross-stitching and playing scrabble- … [Continue reading]

Tips on Choosing a Baby Pram Based on Your Lifestyle

Thinking about my “pepperrific”, imaginary world conjures up images of flowing chocolate streams and babies in prams and pushchairs modeled after shiny Ferraris and Audis.  While we’re at it, why not throw in an image of myself with flat abs and … [Continue reading]

Reflective Listening: Effective Parenting Skill

No matter how bored out of my wits I am, you would never find me talking to a wall.  I will not waste my intellectual diatribes on a non-responsive entity.  Same holds true for our kids. We all know that our children adore us so much that it … [Continue reading]

On Uniforms and Healthcare

As I was blissfully indulging myself in a medley of Radiohead songs, I was pleasantly surprised to see a chat message from an old friend.  Listening to 90’s music couldn’t have been more appropriate as a backdrop for a long overdue conversation with … [Continue reading]

Her Achy-Breaky Heart

I sported the look of a completely clueless mom as my daughter came home from school one day, all giggly and excited to break the exciting news to me: one of her boy classmates just whispered in her ear that he had a crush on her!  Totally thrilling … [Continue reading]

Why Tunics Work at Work

A single mom’s life is riddled with much anxiety.  Since there is a lot of uncertainty about my daughter marrying a wealthy prince in the future, I have to make sure that I provide for all her needs, so she doesn’t have to worry about finances as she … [Continue reading]

Looking for Financial Support for Your Kid’s Learning

Healthy children aren't just children that are physically fit, or kids that eat the right foods. They are also children that have access to the learning skills that are needed to ensure a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Sometimes, it is … [Continue reading]

Easy Money for Your Emergency Needs

Medical emergencies often strike suddenly and without warning. In a perfect world, we would have an overflowing savings account to combat life's emergencies. Of course, in a perfect world, emergencies would never happen in the first … [Continue reading]

Mommy’s Morning Madness! Organize Your Mornings To Keep Your Cool

"This is a guest post from Anne M. of Green Eggs & Moms.  I get my daily fix of green eggs and great parenting advice from her blog.  I suggest you check her out too- her blog, I mean!" "Ahhhhhhh! Hurry up, get dressed or you'll be late … [Continue reading]