Pamper Your Feet With Comfy Slippers

Every journey begins with a single step.  Nobody knows that better than Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu.  What he didn’t know though, was that to make each step comfortable, one has to pay careful attention to what he or she wears on his or her feet.  One brand which can be trusted when it comes to comfy slippers is Dearfoams.

Dearfoams started in 1947 with a soft and cushioned women’s slipper. The line of slippers has grown over the years of success. This popular brand now offers a wide range of fabulous casual fashion footwear, women’s sleepwear and men’s slippers.

Several styles of soft slippers are available for the men. Scuffs in corduroy and slip-on moccasin styles in terry or plaid as well as booties and clogs are provided by Dearfoams. A popular casual wear option, the clogs, have soft Sherpa inside and durable TPR outer soles that are skid-proof.

When it comes to sleepwear, Dearfoams will not be outdone.  The Dearfoams Comfort Sleepwear range offers a women’s fashion mid-length kimono-styled robe in two colors, and is made of terry cloth. The women’s pajamas and long T-shirt type of comfortable sleepwear- each in their own unique dot patterns- match the colors and larger dots of the robe. These pajama or Sleep Tee and robe combination sets make fabulous gifts as well.

The Women’s Casual Footwear line offers a vast selection of wonderful women’s slippers by Dearfoams.  It is simply a joy to browse through them. Shoppers can almost feel the comfort, softness and relaxation their feet will feel, even before trying on a pair. You’ll find various styles such as open toe, ballet, clog and bootie. The Dearfoams styles have at least two color options. A popular item is the DF Sport Clog that is durable and designed for indoor and outdoor wear.

With all the casual footwear and slippers, Dearfoams has foot comfort and style for every woman- and man.  Lao Tzu would’ve been proud…

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  1. Comfortable slippers make my day. Seriously. After walking around the school and going from class to class everyday — in heels! — all I want to do it slip on comfy slippers once I get home. I’ve gotta try these out!

  2. Excellent tips .. got a lots of tips here! keep posting great tips often.. Good job!

  3. april and the city says

    I tend to hoard on comfy bed slippers because sometimes, I like to pair them with my pajamas or sometimes when I bring them on my vacation I tend to forget to pack them home with me.

  4. I love the slipper. Super like it! Checking DEARFOAMS site now. Hehehehehe…

  5. These look super cute. I need a pair to scoot around the house in.


  6. Christina says

    Everyone wants to be Comfortable with their Slippers. In fact I just take Comfortable Slippers for my soft Feet. It must be fun with Comfortable Slippers for feet.

  7. Lao tzu would’ve been proud indeed! its always comfort at its best is all we needed specially to relax our feet as well

  8. Lavindra says

    Everyone desires to be snug with their Slippers. I simply take snug Slippers for my soft Feet

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