Pros and Cons of a Charcoal BBQ Grill


The debate as to which type of grill is better – gas or charcoal – still rages on, with some people swearing that a charcoal BBQ grill is the best while others state that gas is the way to go. Instead of joining the debate, let’s find out what makes a charcoal BBQ grill great for some and what makes them not so great for others. These pros and cons should show you the good and the bad of this type of a grill without using gas grills as a direct comparison.

Pros of Charcoal Grills

  • Charcoal grills are cheaper – If you have a limited budget for buying a grill, a charcoal BBQ grill is your best bet. These are inexpensive because they don’t have that many features to begin with. These usually have pretty basic features such as the cooking grid, the grill housing assembly, drip pan, warming rack, grease collector, and heat shield. The most basic ones don’t even have some of these features and have only the cooking grid and the grill housing assembly.
  • Grilling with charcoal gives you a smoky flavour – If you want your meats and other grilled food to have a smoky and earthy flavour, grilling with charcoal is a good idea. This is because charcoal produces smoke when liquids from your meat and other grilled items drop down on it. This gives whatever you are cooking a richer taste.
  • You have lots of prep time as your charcoal grill heats up – Since charcoal takes a bit of time to get going, you can use this time to finish up the prep work on your food. You can adjust the seasoning, finish skewering, continue chopping, and even set the table while the charcoal is firing up.
  • Produces very high heat which is great for searing – If you want to keep grilled meat juicy and properly seared, grilling with charcoal is a great idea. The high heat produced by the coals can sear the outside of the meat before it cooks the inside.

Cons of Charcoal Grills

  • You need to practice to get it right – To become an expert at grilling using a charcoal BBQ grill takes a bit of practice. Moving around the coals, moving the food around, deciding when to cover the food with foil, and other such moves will help you get the perfect cook you want using this grill. This can only be done with practice on the grill you are using.
  • It takes too long to start up – If you are in a hurry to cook on your grill, a charcoal grill will end up frustrating you. It takes some time for the coals to produce the heat that they are supposed to have.
  • It can be messy – Charcoal is a messy fuel to use since it can leave dark streaks on anything it touches.
  • It needs tending – If you are cooking stuff that takes longer to get done, you will have to feed the grill, so to speak, with more coal until you are done cooking.

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