Pro’s and Con’s of Different Wedding Venues

Like many brides-to-be, it’s natural to um-and-err over the perfect wedding venue. With so many beautiful locations and themes, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. With this comprehensive guide to the most popular wedding venues, you can weigh up the pros and the cons; making planning your big day a cinch.

Chic Urban Hotel

Who says traditional is best? If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated wedding, a city hotel will pull out all the stops. It also means that you can expand that invitation list, as urban venues have a high capacity. The facilities will be great and the transport connections will be fantastic. You can also just crash after the ceremony with your new hubby in one of the on-site suites.

The disadvantages of having a city hotel wedding are that you’ll probably have to share your marriage with others. There may be other residents and functions. Food and bevvies will also be pretty expensive.

Marquee Outdoors

If you and your hubby love nature, what would be better than an outdoor marquee wedding, surrounded by trees and flowers? Marquees are fantastic if you really want to make your ceremony your own – it acts as a blank canvas for whatever theme you have in mind. Catering and booze will also be much cheaper.

However, marquees are often subject to the weather. Your bid day may be dampened by a spell of rain. It’s best to have an outdoor nuptial in the spring or summer too, as winter will require some expensive flooring and heating. You’ll have the extra hassle of hiring toilets and transporting all your goods over for the wedding.

Exotic Beach

There are usually no weather worries on a hot beach, somewhere close to the equator! For the ultimate holiday/wedding, you can go early and top up your tan before the big day. The natural beauty sells itself, so you won’t have to worry too much about decorations.

When it comes to travelling abroad for your wedding, you’ll have to consider the fact that many relatives and friends won’t be able to afford the flight. Catering is also limited, unless you’re hiring out another venue to feed your guests. Wedding planning is also exceptionally difficult if you’re getting hitched in a non-English speaking country.

Romantic Stately Home

Stately homes for weddings are always a big hit. A fairytale backdrop makes for picturesque wedding photos. The venue requires little decoration as the architecture will be exquisite. If you’re going for a cosy winter wedding, a stately home is the ideal setting. You may even be able to supply your own catering.

On the downside, stately homes are usually shacked up in the middle of nowhere. Everyone will have to arrive by car and probably look for a hotel nearby. Stately homes can also be expensive to hire, as well as restrictive when it comes to how your guests can behave and what you can do on your day.

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  1. I want a beach wedding! But I do agree with the downside… but then again ur in the beach so I think you should be ready to get wet ! Except one have to brave he wind!

  2. My aunt and and uncle could not agree on a beach or marquee wedding so they had sunset beach wedding with a marque/canopy at the altar. and the aisle was carpeted in green and lines with live flowers and bushes to create a garden illusion haha.

    Fancy weddings these days seem to cost a fortune. Brides are lucky to have gone through their dream wedding.

  3. State homes remind me of Tom and Katie’s sumkinda fairytale wedding.
    And then poof! They got divorce. :)

  4. A lovely post!

    My boyfriend and I, although wedding bells aren’t going to ring yet for the next few years, we love to talk about how our wedding’s gonna be.

    We’re thinking of a beach wedding or a chic urban ceremony. It’s not going to be huge with only very close people as guests.

    The romantic stately home wedding sounds good although our guests might not like the idea of driving for hours and driving long just to get there.

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