Rats! What To Do If You Suspect There Are Rodents In Your Home

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During the winter months, your house is automatically more susceptible to being frequented by rats and mice as they look for shelter. Mice tend to look for ways into your home through cracks in the walls, floors, and skirting boards, while rats which are often bigger and stronger will live in the garden until they spot an opportunity like an open door, window or even sneak in using the sewer system up through the drains. It may seem horrifying, knowing that you’re possibly sharing your home with these furry fiends, but there is, excuse us, light at the end of the tunnel.


Figure Out How They’re Getting In


The first thing to do is don’t panic. Seriously, don’t, it doesn’t mean your house is dirty, messy or unhygienic in fact it actually means that it’s probably lovely, clean and cozy and full of hidey holes like a pantry, loft, basement that rats and mice love. Rodent infestations are pretty common, so you aren’t alone, but you do need to consider how they may have gained entry. Typical places you’ll find rats and mice are in roof spaces, garages, cellars, and cupboards as well as, gulp, in the walls themselves. These are your first port of call to see if anything is loose, cracked, been broken or chewed or if there are other signs that you have some extremely uninvited guests.


Look Out For Tell Signs


Wood, or house mice have an unfortunate habit of urinating everywhere and frequently so if they’re about your nose will smell it first. A rodent removal company can detect mouse urine as it’s strong, acidic and smells like ammonia while droppings are small, round and each mouse produces up to 50-60 droppings per night. If rodents are present things may contain tiny claw and gnawing marks as rodents must constantly gnaw stuff to keep their ever growing teeth short. Rats have much stronger teeth than mice and can even chew their way, over time, through soft metals such as lead, aluminium and copper which can obviously play havoc with your wiring. Finally, check for greasy, black marks these are where greasy, unkempt fur has rubbed against certain walls or floors.



How Can I Get Rid Of Them Humanely?


There are a variety of methods you can use get rid of rats or mice and some are more pleasant than others. The first is using a traditional snap trap, it won’t be nice and the poor animal will most certainly suffer so it’s best to avoid this. Modern traps are much more humane, simple place a small piece of peanut butter, mice love this, in the trap and when it goes in the box it’ll be trapped there until you can release it far away from the house. Rat poison, when used properly, can be highly effective but often rats are eaten by predators before dying meaning the pesticides harm owls, weasels and foxes as well. One of the best ways to avoid having to do any of these is to keep your house clean, clear and well maintained to stop them moving indoors in the first place.


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