Role of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Physical Therapy

Role of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Physical Therapy

Ultrasound is surely one of the most used procedures in the medical sphere. Therapeutic ultrasound used in physical therapies is very different in application and functions than the ultrasound used in medical diagnosis.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a revolution in itself due to the vast no. of benefits that can be availed for physical therapy. It can positively affect and reduce pain from the body tissues such as muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. The ultrasound machine produces ultrasound waves that are not possible for humans to hear but generates various effects on specific body tissues. Well, the role and benefits that therapeutic ultrasound plays in physical therapies are listed below.

Reduces Pain in Targeted Area

As the sound waves of therapeutic ultrasound pass through the targeted body area, it reduces the pain and initiates healing. The various other effects of ultrasound all sum up in reducing the advent of injury and providing pain control. One of the major USP of therapeutic ultrasound is also that by reducing pain around the target tissue, ultrasound helps lay the foundation for the other physical therapies to follow. Various ultrasound teaching institutions and schools like Ultrasound Technician Schools Oregon make this point a major part of teaching to provide comprehensive therapeutic ultrasound knowledge.

Provides Heating

Providing deep heating to injured tissues is one of the most widely known and used benefit of therapeutic ultrasound. The ultrasound waves vibrate when propagating and it builds up to the tissues as well. The heating effect is duly caused by this as the temperature shoots up. It is effectively used in physical therapy for major ailments like osteoarthritis and back pain. The energy provided by heating causes the cellular process to speed up as well leading to improvement. The variety of frequencies, ultrasound is available in making it perfect for any specific muscle or ligament injury.

Controlling The Formation of Scar Tissue

This is also one of the essential needs of physical therapy that therapeutic ultrasound provides. As stated before; due to the vibrations produced by ultrasound waves, the cellular process speeds up which in effect prevents scar tissue fibres from forming up. Scar tissues not only hinder the healing process but also keep the range of motion restricted.

Regular sessions of therapeutic ultrasound and the vibrations produced by it can help break down these tissue fibres. Some major scar tissue procedures make use of this to either prevent formation, and increase healing plus a range of motion or to break down already formed scars. This has a lot of potential in physical therapy due to ever advancing complexities of injuries.

Increasing Motion

The heat generated by the ultrasound waves can help decrease the stress on the tissues. It can clear away the strain to increase the range of motion and flexibility. Heat therapy for increasing range is an integral part of physical therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound provides for it efficiently.

All of these mentioned factors along with the psychological effect help speed up healing in a tissue injury. The capabilities are immense with therapeutic ultrasound ensuring its prominence in the medical world.


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