Seniors And Their Active Lives Today

Becoming a senior citizen does not mean life is over. Seniors today are very active and taking the world over. Most seniors really do not even look their age. Seniors enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. They indulge in hobbies they may not have had the time for previously. They also are still part of the workforce, whether by choice or just to be out and about and contributing to society.

Go visit your local mall in the hours before the stores open and you will see many seniors walking the mall like a track. It is a dry, safe place to maintain activity without having to deal with the weather or crowds of people. Mall walking has the added bonus that they get to window shop as they are walking. Seniors enjoy leading active lifestyles that keep them in contact with friends and family. Senior living isn’t fading away into a home, but shining bright and keeping active.

Seniors enjoy spending time with family. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are a source of pride and joy. Not just visiting, but going out to zoos or the theater brings families closer. Some families are big sports fans, so watching a football game together makes everyone happy. Even when they are rooting for opposing teams, they are still having fun together. Sharing family history, telling the grandchildren about the funny things their parents did, or talking about that one crazy family member everyone loved but who is now gone is a huge part of family life for seniors.

Some seniors enjoy being able to teach their children and grandchildren things they were taught as children by their grandparents. Baking cookies, putting together a picnic basket to share, making a favorite family recipe, are all enjoyable ways to spend time with younger family members and keep active. If they are the camping sort, take the grandchildren camping for the first time. Teach them how to pitch a tent, gather firewood, fish, cook over an open fire and just enjoy nature. Nature walks are always fun when you have a knowledgeable grandparent to show you things.

Crafting is an enjoyable past time for some people. Sharing the love of a person’s particular favorite craft is even better. Many seniors happily teach scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, painting, woodworking and other crafts to each other and the community at large. Joining a community center to learn a new craft is mentally and socially stimulating. A person gets to meet new people while also learning a new craft. You have people to help you fix your errors and laugh with you when you goof up, but also people to cheer on your successes. Keeping busy helps keep a mind active. Not everyone is good at or interested in sports, so crafting is a wonderful alternative. Seniors can also teach their family members their craft. Learning to sew from a grandparent is a wonderful memory to treasure.

Something else seniors need to figure out is housing. Do they want to stay where they are, move to a smaller place, or even move into senior living? There are so many variables to consider that active seniors have become much pickier. They are looking for a place that promotes activity, but also allows them freedom. There could be concerns due to recurring health issues that they have despite being active in the community. And being able to make the house a home is very important. Some senior living communities are finally picking up that they need to improve their facilities and programs to suit the modern senior.

Seniors are social and active. Seniors love getting together with family and friends. Seniors enjoy sharing time together with others, whether over a cup of tea or walking the mall or sharing a hobby. Today’s seniors are active, mentally and physically, and enjoy being involved in life. Make sure you say ‘hello’ and spend time with a senior. You never know what new knowledge you might gain. You might even find a wonderful new friend.

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  1. I live in a joint family in my house my grandfather is like a young boy, he always wakes up in the 4 am and goes to morning walks and also he used to do yoga daily.

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