Simple But Stunning Rural Chic Design That Can Transform Any Space

Our homes are a reflection of our lifestyle and taste. So it is crucial to make sure that they are decorated and kitted out in the best possible way. But sometimes the opulent look can send the wrong style message. In fact, it is often adopted chair to decorate in a high-end rural style. Below you will find suggestions on how to achieve this trendy and classy look.


The Walls

Sometimes when you conjure an image of rural property in your mind, it has rough plastered walls and a low roof. But this is the sort of thing you need to keep away from.

Rough plaster may seem quaint, but it is neither practical or attractive in most cases. So no matter what the age of the property that you are decorating is, it is always best to get walls skimmed and install new skirting boards. This will give the finished room a spacious yet country feel.



Colours for a chic country style home need to be considered properly. Bright shades and very dark shades are out for this look. Instead, consider shades green, or duck egg blue, which are popular choices. As are the warmer cream colours.

Or, if you are looking for a little more drama in your home, why not choose some bold feature wallpaper with pastoral scenes? Done right this can lift the look of your home, and create that delicate balance between country style and classy chic.



Choosing the right furniture is another aspect of getting the rural chic look spot on. Obviously,  your main focus should be on pieces made from visible natural wood.

It is important that you steer clear of more modern material like glass and plastic. This is because these will seem incongruous in the space and ruin the simple look.

Instead, go for dressers and bookcases with additional adornment. Use these to display theme relevant ornaments and items such as cut logs, vintage farm equipment, and rustic style crockery.   



The final touches a room that has a rural chic theme to be considered are the accessories and the pictures that you will display.

The accessories should be in keeping with the theme, so hide radiators behind covers or use a pellet or wood stove for you heat source.

In fact, pellet stoves make a particularly good addition to a classical rural room because they evoke a time gone by, but do in in a modern and efficient way. They are also easy to fix and maintain as you can get Pellet Stove Parts 4 Less easily online.



Lastly, the pictures that you choose can really make or break the rural chic look. You really have two choices that are appropriate in this case. The first is pictures of rural scenes either originals in oils. Or good quality giclee prints in frames.

rural chic


Or, you could go for the reproductions of the animal paintings that were so popular in England at the time of the agricultural revolution. These images are not only theme-appropriate but also show excellent artistic taste.


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