Stay Warm When Hunting By Layering Your Clothing

Layering your clothing is a smart way to combat the cold weather, and when you are out hunting, it is essential that you feel comfortable. There’s more to layering than meets the eye and it isn’t simply a question of wearing one item on top of another until you look like a Michelin Man, rather it needs to be coordinated in such a way that you are warm and dry at all times. There are three main layers of hunting attire, which are as follows:


  1. The Base Layer – The base layer should be reasonably tight and fit to your skin, and its role is to absorb sweat, something that cannot be avoided during the exertions of a hunt. It is important that the base layer can breathe, and you have a choice of lightweight, medium or heavyweight, depending on the temperatures you will encounter. Obviously, the heavyweight base layer will restrict your movements a little, but in sub-zero temperatures, it is essential to have a thick base layer. If you would like to browse a fine selection of hunting apparel, check out, who stock a wide range of quality hunting garments, and with a secure online payment, the clothing will be on its way to your door. Synthetics are popular for the base layer, and some hunters prefer the feel of merino wool, which is very soft on the skin, but whatever you choose, it must allow the body to breathe.


  1. The Mid Layer – This layer works in conjunction with the base level, helping to remove moisture, keeping you dry. Polyester and nylon are great materials for the mid layer, while others prefer the soft and natural feel of merino wool, and this layer should be very flexible and allow you to swivel and twist without hindrance. In the summer, you might not need an outer layer, and if that is still too warm, you can easily remove it to leave only the base layer which is more than enough if the weather is agreeable. If you would like to know more about merino wool, there is an informative piece that explains why it is such a popular clothing choice.


  1. The Outer Layer – This is basically your first line of defence against the elements, so the outer layer must be waterproof, and it should be rugged enough to withstand branches and twigs, as you move around in the undergrowth. The outer layer should be easy to remove, as you will often encounter a range of weather conditions, and once the rain has stopped, this layer might be superfluous.


There are other things to take into consideration, such as the terrain and indeed the length of the hunt. It is advisable to have a light zip up bag that can be used to store the outer layer if things warm up, and with the unpredictable British climate, this is often the case. Comfort and flexibility are the two main focuses when thinking about hunting clothing, and if you are new to hunting, browse some of the established online hunting apparel retailers, where you can buy the very best quality items at affordable prices.

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