Staycation Ideas for the Stressed Professional

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Need a break from work but don’t have the time or resources to head to the beach or jet-set off to Europe? Even if your budget isn’t leaning towards a luxury vacation, you can take a long weekend and find plenty of ways to relax and enjoy a tailor-made staycation.

Hit the Great Outdoors

If you are trying to leave the stress of your 9-5 behind you, hop into your new Jeep Wrangler and take the adventure outdoors. Explore a local national park, breaking in your boots with a nature hike and healthy picnic. Check out online reviews for the best trails and scenic areas, allowing the rays of the sun to lift your mood and the breeze to blow away your stress.

Take a Culinary Tour

Not the outdoorsy type? Why not take a culinary tour of your town. Using recommendations by friends, devise a strategy to eat your way around the city. Find the best place for drinks and appetizers, then move on to the main course. You don’t even need to do it all in one night. You can eat by culinary interest or you can get adventurous with dishes from other countries.

Shop Until You Drop

Most people spend the entire vacation spending money, and if you find that a meaningful pastime, you can still make it happen on your staycation. However, skip the big box retailers and make your way through the antique shops of the city. Head over to a local artist’s studio and watch something amazing being crafted before your eyes. Try your hand a pottery wheel or painting class.

Taking a break from your busy life doesn’t require a lengthy road trip, hotel stay, or an exotic destination. Your community holds a lot of potential when it comes to helping you create a weekend to remember.

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