Subtle Signs That Your Man Is Going To Propose



For most couples, the pinnacle of a relationship is getting married. And, that won’t happen until the guy in your life gets down on one knee. The funny thing about a proposal is that it is completely out of hands. You don’t even know it is going to happen until he pops the question. At least, you can never be sure because he won’t let it slip over dinner. However, there are signs that an engagement is around the corner. They may not be obvious, but they are there all of the same.


Here are a few hints.


He Plans His Life With You In It


As Hollywood likes to spice things up, it makes some women believe they will find their guy shopping for Tacori engagement rings online. Unless he is very careless, the whole ring in the pocket scenario isn’t going to happen. More likely, it will be a slip of the tongue that gives you an insight into his intentions. Men that say things like ‘when we get married,’ or ‘when I propose’ aren’t just saying it because they can. The reason these statements come out is that they have already planned their life and you have a big role.


He’s Secretive


Okay, so Hollywood gets it right from time to time. One reason men are secretive, apart from the obvious, is that they are planning a grand gesture. Clearly, you are not allowed to know, so they will do everything to keep you out of the loop. That means lying about having to work or meeting up with friends because they are ring shopping. There is a chance that they are not going to propose as some guys are just secretive in general. The law of averages, though, say they can hear wedding bells in your near future.


He Gets The Whole Family Together


How often do you go to family parties or events where everyone is present? Not too often. Let’s face it – families are a lot to handle. So, people like to keep their immediate family close and avoid the rest. But, when your man organizes for the entire crew to turn up, there must be something big on the horizon. After all, no one would go through the pain of dealing with estranged family members for no reason. A tell-tale sign is when he tries to get both parents together in the same room.


Everyone Else Is Getting Hitched


Although most guys like to do things their way, there are times when they follow the lead. If your friends are engaged, this may be one of those moments. When a friend gets married, it makes people think about their life choices. Plus, men don’t like to be the first to get married, especially when all the boys are single. So, if this wedding season is a busy time of year, it may make him think twice.


If there are no signs, it could be time to take measures into your own hands.

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