Sunblock 101

Pop quiz: What is one thing that’s just as important in life, but often neglected? No, it’s not your possessive boyfriend or your pet goldfish.  It’s none other than sunblock! With summer in the air and that white beach beckoning, we must not forget to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  Here are a few simple ways to keep sunburn at bay:

  • Ban the sun between 11am and 3pm– as much as possible, let’s try to keep the kids indoors at these times, when the sun is at its most damaging.
  • Use a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 on children.
  • Wear sunblock even when staying under a shade, as sand and water reflect the sun’s rays.
  • Apply generously-  don’t scrimp on sunblock.  Slop on a spoonful on each arm, leg, and on the face.  It’s proven to be more effective to just allow your skin to absorb the lotion, rather than to rub it in.
  • Put on sunblock 20 minutes prior to sun exposure, and keep re-applying after sweating heavily or too much swimming.

Among the gamut of sunblock lotions in the market today, I have found one which has met my somewhat discriminating mommy standards.  It’s  Solait Kids Moisturising Sun Lotion.  It comes in a sweet watermelon scent that my daughter loves.  She didn’t burn or tan at all!  Neither did I.  It is fairly cheap too, compared to the other pricier and well-known brands.

We almost always have too much fun under the sun, that we forget to put on this habitually-overlooked skin, beauty, and not to mention, health essential.  Time and again, we have been reminded of the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on our skin.  So the next time we go swimming, let’s remember to stash a bottle of sunblock lotion in our bags.  We don’t want to see our kids suffer the pain of a sunburn, do we?

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  1. Beware of Banana Boat’s tear-free hypo-allergenic SPF50 for babies. I got serious allergic reactions after using that, buti na lang my son didn’t have the same reaction. Pero lesson learned, always test. Apply in the back of your hand or ankle and leave for 24-48 hours (minsan delayed reaction ang allergy like in my case, it took 48 hrs) and see if it does you no harm.

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