Flood, Sweat and Tears

I never really understood the difference between a monsoon rain, a tropical depression and a typhoon.  They all are the same to me, because of the devastation they always leave behind.

For the past 3 or 4 days, we here in the Philippines have been battered by a series of heavy rains.  The downpour has caused so much destruction.

Lives were lost, people drowned, some lost their homes.  An entire family was buried alive from a landslide.  Families are staying on their rooftops, as flood waters have entered their houses.  Kids and babies are shivering in the harsh cold.

I can go on and on with accounts of the aftermath of the deluge, but it pains me.  Yes, it breaks my heart to see people suffering helplessly.

Stirred, not shaken.  That’s how I’d describe the spirit of the Fililpino people.  In the light of disaster, these victims are holding their heads up high.

I am also amazed at the heroism going on.  Rescue volunteers are putting their lives on the line just to save people they barely know.  It’s one thing to risk your live for the ones you love, and another thing to do that to total strangers.  That, clearly, is a manifestation of the purest form of love.

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