Will You un-Marry Me?

I can hardly believe it when I heard the news: my marriage is finally annulled!  I think my joy shot straight up to the heavens.  I was ecstatic and happy beyond words.

In this part of the globe, divorce is as inexistent as flabs are on Jennifer Aniston’s body, so the only alternative is to have one’s marriage annulled.  This takes quite some time- and heaps of money.  Court appearances are part of the ordeal, so it’s not easy.

In my case, it took three years before the court finally granted us the annulment we wanted.  I was hoping against hope that it would happen, and so it did.  Friends near and far congratulated me, and were sincerely happy for me as well.  I tried to stop them from doing the Roger Rabbit and Running Man, but they just had to do the dance of joy with me.

When the right time comes- I’m not quite sure when that will be- I will have to explain all this to my daughter.  God help me.

This annulment marks the beginning of a new life and brings much promise of happier things to come.  I feel like dancing to Kenny Loggins’ Footloose…