Pretty Autumn Decoration Ideas to be in Awe of

If you’re like me you love fall time and everything it entails. But beyond the fall coloring in the mountains and the apple hot cider that’s so nice to sip on while you’re sitting at near the fire on modular sofas, are wonderful fall time décor pieces to make your home sparkle. Then your house will take on all of the magic that the décor manages to bring to a brilliant interior.


Create a Unique Display – Ask the boys in your house if they have an old pitchfork or rake heads lying around in the garage or storage shed. If they don’t, head to a garage sale or antique store and stock up on these fun supplies and set up a creative display outside before the tricker treaters arrive late October. Using antique apple pickers as wall sconces is another fantastic idea and with all of these elements combined it will turn into a unique fall display that’s fabulous.

Paint Your Pumpkins – Pumpkins can be used for various fall time projects, but painting them will add something special to these fun fall time accessories. First clean and dry your pumpkins. Then sand the surfaces and apply some paint sealer so that they won’t flake. After applying paint sealer it’s time to have fun on your pumpkins by applying acrylic paint and finishing it off with a top-coat sealer.

Fall Window Swag – If you want to develop a swag design in some of the windows in your home, gather mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves. Next knot them together with twine and you’ll have a beautiful fall arrangement that’s perfect for all the holidays to come.

Pretty Plants – Do you love plants? Then incorporate them into a pretty front porch display. Purchase colorful flowers such as mums, which will introduce the perfect amount of fall coloring to your warm fall display. Now all you need are a few pumpkins that are painted or left natural to complete your fall time porch display.

So as you are sipping on your hot cocoa or enjoying your hot cider on a comfy sofa this fall time, think of creative fall displays to develop. Then you can easily make these displays become a reality so that you can marvel at the beauty that they will bring to you and your family!


Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She also loves to blog and you can read about her love for the fall time on her blog Ocean Dreams.