A Plan for Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most visited place in the home, not only by the family, but by guests. It should be regularly cleaned, to invite with sparkling cleanliness and pleasant aromas.

The first step that people should take when they prepare to clean the bathroom is to empty the waste basket and get the Crystal palace cleaning equipment and materials ready for the cleaning, which is best done by drawing up a list and ticking each item off. Because nowadays people clean with disposable cloths, one of the most important tools is a plastic sack where the used cloths will be tossed.

Bleach is a staple for cleaning, and its powerful germ killing effect is especially appropriate for bathroom cleaning. The toilet bowl should be flushed, and then bleach can be poured, brushed around the bowl and especially under the rim. Then the bleach should be left to do its germ killing job.

Another group of bathroom elements that need cleaning comprises the taps, the mirrors, and the sink. In addition to the array of cleaning agents available, there are also simple tried and tested home prepared mixtures: a popular one contains equal parts of water white vinegar). Spraying the mixture on the faucets, the mirrors, etc. and then wiping with a dry cloth does miracles in way of removing soap drips and toothpaste spatters, as well as other stains, and restoring the shine.

The water taps are places especially favoured by limescale. To restore their cleanliness and shine, applying some mild bathroom cleaner is sufficient. Care should be taken when taps have a brass or gold finish. Removing limescale can be achieved promptly, by rubbing the taps with the inside of half a lemon, and then the taps should be rinsed. It is worth studying the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning the specific taps.

The next step is the wiping of the toilet tank, as well as the seat. Some wipes sprayed with the water and vinegar mixture are powerful cleaners. After the bleach left to clean inside the bowl is flushed, the toilet section is ready.

Replacing the towels is a necessary stage of bathroom cleaning. The clean small hand towels as well as the large towels left on the bar would also benefit from spraying with linen spray, or with some light body spray.

The final area to be subjected to cleaning is the bathroom floor. The rugs and bath mats should be shaken well and rinsed to make them clean. The floor should we wiped with a dampened cloth, and special attention should be paid to the corners, because they are the areas where most of the dust and loose hairs tend to gather.

Cleaning the bathroom in the above mentioned order ensures the efficient reaching of the final goal – a sparkling clean bathroom with each area properly cleaned and attended to. By sticking to the plan for cleaning, people can also spare time, which is especially important for those with cluttered daily routines and when guests are expected. One of the worst nightmares for people hosting guests is the messy bathroom, so don’t wait until the final moment to get your bathroom cleaned.

Bio: Melinda Evans is a professional freelance writer and dedicated housewife. She loves writing about any daily activities part of most women’ lives, such as home organizing and keeping clean house NW10, cooking and creating something out of nothing. Her story of following her passions in home making and writing about it will inspire you.