How Botox Benefits Moms- and Dads too!

Just when I was about ready to kick off my shoes and indulge myself in another Ryan Gosling daydream, I am startled by shrieks in the living room, only to discover that my daughter has spilled orange juice all over her Barbie doll’s wedding gown.

So goes the life of a single mom.  My moments of relaxation suddenly turn into emotional outbursts over seemingly petty things.  Top that off with an energy-zapping day job, and it’s a one-way ticket to “Stressville”.

Before long, all that stress begins to show on my face.  Since I want to look good, but don’t have the time for surgical procedures, I’m thinking of giving Botox a try.  I’m sure that getting those westminster botox injections will help take the years off my face.  But apart from Botox being an excellent wrinkle eraser and brow lifter, it has other benefits to boot.

Studies have shown that Botox helps ease the pain of migraines.  When it’s injected into the forehead, it releases muscle tension, getting rid of strain on the nervous system.

If you happen to sweat huge buckets, then botox may be the answer to your problem.  Botox injections stop the production of sweat by inhibiting the chemical acetylcholine, which is responsible for sweat gland stimulation.

Twitching of the eyelids or what’s called “lazy eye” can also be treated with Botox.  It temporarily paralyzes eye muscles when injected in small doses.  This treatment lasts several months.

I guess it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.  With Botox, you not only look good, but you also feel good.