My Bunk Bed Memories, and Why I Need One Now

Back in the day, when my sister’s and my combined ages would add up to only half of my present age (yes, there’s math involved in this post), we used to have regular debates on certain topics.  If we weren’t arguing as to who between Cyndi Lauper and Madonna was the better singer, we were having heated debates on who got to sleep on the top part of our twin over full bunk bed.
For the most part, I got the privilege of sleeping on top, and I must say that was sheer bliss for me.  Literally being on top gave me the peace and freedom of creating my own world.  Since my sister and I shared a room, that top part of the bunk bed was the only private space I knew.   I remember enjoying the view from the top.
Now that I have a kid of my own, I’d want her to experience that same unspeakable joy.  My nephew will spend most of his summer vacation at our place, so I’m starting to prep things up around the house.  The additional warm body in our humble abode will be a welcome respite for my daughter, as she always craves for a playmate.
With the limited space available, I’ve been looking into getting one of those full over full bunk beds.  They’re a huge space saver.   I’m sure my daughter and her cousin will like the feeling of sleeping in the same room while still keeping a degree of privacy.
I’m also eyeing one of those bunk beds with stairs.  More than the assurance of a safer climb to the top part of the bunk bed, I like how those steps have storage drawers built into them.   I hate clutter so, there you go!
I have to admit that I’m just as excited as my daughter is about her cousin staying with us for the summer.  While they’re busy playing, I can always creep up to the top of the bunk bed and relive my own childhood.