Buy a New Home From Home

Calculus was never one of my strong points.  When I was in college, I remember mentally spewing out curse words at whoever invented this type of torture.  While we’re on the topic of daunting tasks, one other equally difficult and arduous undertaking comes to mind: selling or buying a house.

We all know how intimidating it is to go through the hassle of looking for real estate property.  There’s so much legwork and paperwork to do, that we often don’t know where to start.  Thank heavens for this Calgary Realtor who has made buying and selling property a breeze.

If and when my lucky stars look down favorably upon me, I do wish that my daughter and I could migrate to Canada.  That’s why I scoured the net for my Calgary real estate options, and was fortunately directed to Cliff Stevenson’s website.

He’s an expert real estate agent who has been in the business for nearly a decade now.  Through his website, I can sift through various property listings and check them out without having to personally meet with different Calgary Realtors in order to make a decision as to what property to buy.

The website teems with featured properties, each with relevant images, maps and accurate descriptions.  This speeds up the process of buying property, as I would hardly need any additional information to make up my mind.  They even have articles with tips on buying or selling property.

All the things you need to know to make an informed decision are presented in a straightforward way.  Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property, the listings are organized into sections, making it easy to navigate through the site.  There’s a Quick Search section, where you can limit your search results to your desired price range or location.

At least now, I’m able to tackle one of my “life hurdles”.  I can easily look for a home in the comforts of my own home.  As for calculus, well, I hope I won’t have to take any more Math classes in this lifetime.

Purchasing a New Home

A little over a week ago, we celebrated Memorial Day- and National Doughnut Day a few days after, if I may add.  We bestowed honor on the unsung heroes who gave up their lives for the freedom of others.  If you or someone you know used to, or still is in the military service, you deserve no less than the same honor.  One of the benefits our military veterans enjoy is the VA loan.

Did you know that you could refinance your military VA loan for an interest rate that is fixed and much lower than your previous one?  There are a lot of reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity right now, even without considering the amount that you could potentially save in the long run. With a VA loan, you could finance a new home that costs up to $179,000 and yet pay the same low interest rate as when you first applied for the loan. In the long run, this will save you hundreds in installments and mortgage.

Besides that, the loan is also available to bad credit and poor credit VA applicants. If you’ve had a streak of bad financial luck these recent times, this is a helpful link to help you stay out of debt and remain in your home.

In order to qualify for the loan, you’ll need to fill out the required documentations and provide a loan checklist before submitting your application. It is always a good practice to make sure that you’ve adhered strictly to the guidelines so that your loan is approved speedily. There is an entire list that you’ll need to refer to, and these consists of documents such as an entire month’s worth of pay stubs, the W-2’s of the last 2 years, contact numbers and addresses of all employers as well as all landlords. You’ll also need to submit your bank statements as well as documentations to support your funds to close.

Do remember that you could always head on over to their official website for more information.