When Thoughts Shift to a Career Shift…

Too much of anything is bad.  I relearned that life lesson today, as I feel I’ve had way too much coffee this morning.  I’m starting to feel a bit more jittery than usual, that the shakes are surely going to register on the Richter scale.

More than the coffee overload, what’s really gotten to me this morning is this aching urge to just get up and go.  I mean, packing all my office stuff inside a box and quitting my job in true Jerry Maguire fashion.  Truth be told, I have been stuck in a career rut, and I feel I’m going nowhere.  Here in the company I work for, there’s no opportunity for any more career growth.  I can’t go any higher than where I am now.  I am left staring at the glass mosaic floor in my imaginary world, thinking about what is to become of me.

I’m serious about a career shift.  More than money, what really motivates me is the fulfillment I get from whatever it is I do.

Before anything else, I must clearly identify what I want, and what I’m capable of doing.   Yesterday, I took two tests, and found out that I’m left-brain dominant.  That should help in deciding which career path to take.

And then, I’m going to look for jobs which align with my personality and career goals. I’m going to take classes in line with that new career, say a little prayer, and keep my fingers crossed.

It’s never too late, they say.  I feel compelled to believe them…