Co-parenting for Dummies- Like Myself

One of the things a divorced single mom has to contend with is co-parenting. In layman’s terms, it means sharing custody of your kid with your ex. In pepperrific terms, it means sacrificing a fun Barbie-primping session with my daughter on a rainy Saturday for a day spent counting the hours until her dad brings her back.

More than spending time with both parents, co-parenting involves sharing in the responsibility of raising the kid. It’s not simply a case of enjoying roller coaster rides and endless cotton candy with mom one weekend, and catching a movie with dad the next. Co-parenting needs both parents to make sound decisions on both the little and big things in the kid’s life. It means both parents being concerned and aware of the kid’s little spats with one of the boys in school. Both mom and dad become active teachers, guiding the kid through this hard knock life.

In my book, co-parenting has been a struggle, more than anything. My selfish self hates the idea of not having my daughter with me on certain days. The clock and calendar become my constant companions as I wait for the day when my daughter gets back from a weekend with her dad. I try to pass the time by doing mundane things, eagerly building momentum within, as I prepare for the moment when I am once more reunited with my daughter.

But then again, my daughter does benefit from the time she gets to spend with her dad. She realizes that although her mom and dad no longer live together, they still are able to shower her with a profuse amount of love- enough to last her a lifetime.