Cultivate Curiosity in Your Children

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it definitely never injured a preschooler.  Curiosity is a strong and positive emotion which we parents must cultivate in our children.  It is basically inherent in us all, that’s why kids have the unshakeable habit of always asking “Why?”

Do you sometimes brush off your little one when he or she keeps asking you questions while you’re in the middle of something?  It’s time we stopped ignoring the kid and answered his questions- wisely, not in a wisecracking way.  Of course, we parents do get tired doing this, but we should keep in mind that whatever we do or say always has an effect on our kids.  When we tend to ignore their questions, they may start to feel discouraged, and later on feel that it’s not at all important that they want to learn things.  It puts a lid on their ability to express themselves openly to their parents.

Instead of pushing their queries aside, we must cultivate this inquisitive nature in our children.  It is essential that we feed and nurture this thirst for knowledge.  What can we do to develop this curiosity for learning?

Seek answers together.  Hit your local library and check out the books as resources.  Even at home you can surf the internet together and scour the web for answers.

To make it even more fun, you can visit the zoo or a museum so you can explore and learn at the same time.

You can likewise develop their inquisitive nature by asking your child questions which require more than one-word answers.  For example, “Why do you think that crocodile moves that way?”  Encourage your kids to ask questions when they want clarification on a topic, or if they simply want to learn more about something.

When you immerse yourself in your kid’s learning journey, you become a huge part of his lifelong love for learning.  This marriage of curiosity and learning nourishes not only your child’s intellect, but also the loving relationship between you two.  You learn and love together- and will finally know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator…