How to Get Your Kids Interested in Studying

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You know how certain songs grow on you?  I hate to admit it, but Cali Swag District’s hip hop ditty, “Teach Me How to Dougie” has become somewhat of a household anthem.  I put my measly musical skills to use, played with the lyrics a bit and called it, “Teach me how to study…”  Whenever I want to get my daughter into study mode, I start singing and dancing to that song, and she quickly picks up on it.

We parents know how important it is for our kids to study at home and do their homework.  But more often than not, they have little or no interest in it.  The lure of playing outside or giving in to the “click here” message on their computer is simply too strong to resist.  So, what can we do to get them in the habit of studying?

Use the sound of music.  Never underestimate the power of music.  Use songs to signal the start of study sessions (see my example in the first paragraph).  That’ll be your kid’s cue to drop whatever it is he’s doing and start hitting the books.  It’ll soon be ingrained in his subconscious that whenever he hears that particular song, study time begins.

Play games.  You can use flash cards, and have your kid take one step forward moving towards you when he gets the correct answer.  Have a scavenger hunt.  Scatter lesson-related clues and answers all around the house.

Rewrite those notes.  Have your kid rewrite his notes in his own words.  Then you’ll be able to gauge how well he’s understood his lessons.  Have him use fancy pens to keep him interested.

Take it in chunks.  Study for no more than one hour at a time.  Kids get burned out too, of course.  While taking a break, fix him his favorite sandwich, for instance.

It’s all about teaching our kids to study better, not harder.  With a little creativity and imagination, your kids will soon see the fun in study time.  Now, let me “teach you how to study… teach you, teach you how to study…”