Coping With Emotional Pain


Yesterday I was one huge emotional mess.  I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, I was so depressed and confused that I felt the earth would swallow me whole.  The emotional pain turned physical as I felt an indescribable heaviness on my chest, as if there was a small nitrogen cylinder in my heart, almost about to explode from the extremely high nitrogen cylinder pressure pushing down on it.

All that pain made me pause to think about how technology has no way to ease one’s emotional pain.  With all the advancements man has made in science, why hasn’t anybody come up with a device or gadget which effectively and magically wipes away memories?  I wish it were possible to wipe away all things we wish to forget… those life events which cause us so much pain and trauma.

In lieu of this dream gadget, we are left to cope with life’s occasional harshness the long and hard way.  When trying to get over a breakup, for instance, you have to go through stages of pain before you finally emerge healed.  Sometimes, you inevitably go back and forth through the process, making it twice as hard.

Personally, I have no game plan when it comes to dealing with the cannonballs life hurls at me.  When something tragic happens, initially I’m stunned and left immobile.  And then, I turn to God.  I literally look to the sky and talk to God.  I lift up my arms in a virtual hug.  Somehow, that comforts me and gives me the strength to survive another day.