Family Time#7: Fun at the Fun Ranch

I’m lucky enough that the company I work for has extended our weekend to today, Monday, in lieu of the May 1 Labor Day holiday. My daughter and I couldn’t help but give out a shrieking “Weeeeee!!!!!” This is one of the rare times when I get to spend time with her, as normally, she gets to stay with my ex-husband on weekends.

Sunday, we went to Fun Ranch near Tiendesitas. It’s the one place she never gets tired of going to, much to my chagrin, because the place is extremely hot! We always make the mistake of going there at near noon, so you could just imagine the blazing heat. But I always give in to whatever makes her happy, so even I ended up a happy camper, notwithstanding the sweat brewing on my armpits.

My daughter went on all the rides as many times as she desired. I almost pitied her, as she frolicked around Fun Ranch alone, hungry for a playmate. If I had it in my power, I’d give her the little brother or sister she has been asking me for the past few days. But of course, given my present status, that is best left to wishful thinking.

Sentimentality aside, we both had a blast that day. In the final analysis, that’s all that matters.

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