Fashion Bootcamp: Choosing Boots for Your Body Shape

If I had a pair of funky boots, I know what I’d do… I’d walk all over those people who take advantage of the less fortunate.  I’d kick the living daylights out of good-for-nothing hooligans who cunningly steal people’s money for their personal gain.

But instead of having that rebellious spirit take over me, I’m going to be like a model and slip into a pair of fashionable boots as I walk down the hall to my office.  And then I stop to think: Am I wearing the right kind of boots for my body type?  Do these complement my shape, or am I better off taking to the mountains and being part of the militia?

Looking for boots to match your body type is something worth considering.  Here are a few tips to guide you:

If you have short legs- like I do- knee high boots will make them look longer and slimmer.  You can pair these with some sexy shorts so you can show off those stems.  Stay away from those with lots of buckles or horizontal straps though, as these will make your legs look even shorter.

If you have really slim calves, you can get away with motorcycle or mid-calf length boots.  They cut across the calf and make your legs look wider.

Anybody can pull off ankle length boots.  They look great with jeans.  If you want to wear them with a dress though, make sure the boots fit snugly at the ankle, and the length of your skirt or dress should end right above the knee.

You can look for a lot of boot options on this site.  Get the best-looking boots for you, so you can give off an undeniable air of confidence- even if you’re really quaking in your boots from that highly-charged meeting with the boss!