Oldies Music is The New Botox

Peter Pan would be green with envy if anyone told him that there exists a fountain of youth.  Since time immemorial, man has been on the endless- and seemingly futile- search for that proverbial wellspring of youth and lasting happiness.  If that fountain came in capsules, I’d be one of the first to make a beeline at the nearest pharmacy, make no doubt about it.

But more than looking young and cellulite-free, it’s important to feel young.  If you feel that you’re 10 or even 20 years younger than you actually are, you eventually end up looking younger as well.  Even if the gray hairs are starting to make their curtain call, you can still manage to stave off the unwanted depression that often comes with growing old by listening to oldies music.

When you listen to the music of yesteryears, you are inevitably transported back in time to when you were younger.  Nearly every joyous event of your childhood had some form of music as a backdrop, so if you listen to those songs once more, you relive those moments in an instant, as if you were in a time machine.

Listening to old music has this effect of making one happy.  When I’m in a particularly bad mood, I just look for an oldies radio station online, and suddenly I’m back in the spindly arms of my high school prom date, stuck in a time warp.  A wave of happy hormones comes over me, and in a jiffy, I am desensitized to whatever emotional pain I’m feeling.

When listening to oldies music, you can go as far back as the 60’s or 50’s.  You’d be almost amazed to know that you’d still find those types of music online.

If you want to minimize those fine lines showing on your face as you think about your distant love, just put on Gary Lewis and the Playboys, and you’ll “send him all your love everyday in a letter… sealed with a kiss…”