For Your Little Modernista

If your little girl or boy happens to love everything modern when it comes to design, you may have a modernista on your hands. A little modernista embraces the current interior design trends, has a good eye for colors, and knows what he or she wants. Your kids may love to do their homework on a reclining chaise lounge because it’s super stylish and bright with its red color. Or, they may be in love with an egg chair due to its shape, amazing durability, and comfort level. Homework is now completed more often thanks to these stylish pieces and more, which is about to be covered.

Modern furniture classics are hard to turn down, especially if it means adding to a chic space or a child’s bedroom. Think of the fun and creative theme you could create in a room that has a mushroom chair, for example. Matter of fact, an Alice and Wonderland theme comes to mind and it will be fun to decorate a room that will help their imagination thrive. You can even bring in a decorator to create an Alice and Wonderland-type room filled with nature-esque pieces and artificial trees that are attached to the bed. They’ll love this modern take on Alice and you won’t be able to separate them from their fun room or sitting on their mushroom stool.

If your kids are a fan of bright colors, think of bold colors and décor pieces that will fill up their space. Miniature chairs with a modern and chic design will look fabulous in their room. If you have more than one chair with different colors for the interior, it will be fun for your little girl to set up a modern tea party with a sleek-looking table and colorful chairs. Continue to revamp the space and add to the colorful room with lighting that’s bright and a fun bedspread that has pops of color from pretty flowers or another favorite pattern.

If your child likes minimal décor pieces in his or her bedroom but still wants to make their room stand out, opt for simple colors like black and white. You may need to invest in a few solid pieces to get the look right, which may be expensive. However, the good news is that they will most likely not outgrow this look since it is so modern, which means over the years that you’ll only need to swap out minimal décor pieces. A simple, sleek black chair and a classy painting that looks like something Picasso would paint will develop the look your little modernista loves.

So follow your modernista’s cues and reinvent your interior. The interior will look chic and modern, which is different for a child’s interior, but perfect for your little modernista.


Sierra is a freelance writer who loves modern décor pieces, especially if it means creating a stylish and minimal space.