IPads and iPhones Empowering Education with The Help of Educational Apps

Technology today has occupied all  fields related to human activities. Technology has spread its roots to the field of education that it is the new life support system of students, teachers, as well as parents. The iPhones and Ipads which are a by product of technological progress are the major tools governing the field of education nowadays. These devices consist of numerous educational applications which make learning a fun experience for kids. These make learning better and more interactive for kids who in turn enjoy the process of getting educated. Not only this, the applications on these devices induce a sense of practicality in the students, as the lessons are full of audio and video clips which trigger the interest of children.

Some of the immensely popular educational applications for children are as follows:

Doodle Buddy

This is one of the very popular applications for children available from the iTunes store. This application is free of cost and can be easily played by a child who is at least 3 years old. This is an artistic application which facilitates the child to draw from his imagination, and fill it with numerous color options available. Moreover, this application also consists of various shapes, backgrounds as well as lines which a child can select from. The application also facilitates the user to invite other users and take snapshots with the help of a built-in camera. The photos from the camera can be colored and shaped with the help of this application which kids find really amusing.

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

This application which is available from the iTunes store is meant for kids ages 3 and up. It’s free and is highly educational even for younger children. This application makes the child match animals on different cards in the grid with the same animal card present elsewhere on the same grid. This application facilitates easy identification of  animals which kids may otherwise find boring using traditional books. The animals in the cards are amazingly cuddly and attractive for the children to pique their interest. This application is a great learning experience for kids.

Paper Toss

This application, for the children ages 6 and up, is immensely popular not only among the kids but also the adults. Paper toss is an application which can be called sweat free techno basketball. It is a game in which the player has to toss a crumpled paper ball into a trash can. However, the barrier here are the strong winds which blow at various speeds in various directions at each throw. This clearly teaches the user about mathematical angles and skills. The player can choose from different environments and levels of difficulty. This game not only leads to a practical experience with mathematics but also develops spontaneity and sensitivity in the players.

These applications and a lot more others have paved the way for the empowerment of education among  kids. The use of iPhones and iPads is simply phenomenal because of their amazing apps and outstanding features.

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